SEGA Europe & Australia Reveal ASR Release Date

SEGA Europe and SEGA Australia have just revealed on their product page’s for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing that the game will be revealed on all 5 platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PC Friday 26th February 2010.

No U.S. date has been confirmed yet but many retailers are listing it down for a 23rd February release, if true then Europe will only have to wait 3 days so not much difference there.

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  1. : o thats earlier than I expected by like a month, nice though! Just hope the game plays as well as it looks!

  2. That means that I have over a month and a half left to save enough dosh to buy the game; this is going to be CAKE!

    In fact, I’ll probably not buy it new, as it’ll depreciate like last year’s Laptop…

  3. Yes!
    Can’t wait to play as Shadow on that motorcycle. Gettin a 360 for Xmas was a great gift indeed.

  4. CRUD!

    I forgot all about ASR! >.>

    *Goes off to save more moneys and decide which console to get it for*

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