Full Needlemouse Character List Friday, If Fans Succeed In Challenge

SEGA of America have revealed a possible list of characters that will appear in Project Needlemouse. Each day until Friday they are going to put a rejected stamp on the characters that won’t be in the game. Friday the full list of characters will be revealed if fan’s can succeed in a challenge.

No information is given on wether the characters in the picture are the only potential characters in the game, so other characters like Tails and Knuckles still may or may not be in the game.

UPDATE: First task has been completed and with over the required 250 replies the bonus point might be achieved too. /UPDATE END

1: The Details: Each name on the picture above is a potential playable character in Project Needlemouse. However, not all of them are going to make the cut – and each day this week until Friday, we’re going to update this picture with a rejected stamp over those who will not actually be showing up!

2: The Challenge: Answer our trivia questions about oldschool Sonic games! (Genesis era) We’ll post trivia questions each day on a specific part of our SEGA/Sonic sites, and you all have to work together to figure out the right answers and post them there! Each day we’ll challenge you guys to get a certain number of people to post the correct answers – and if you meet that challenge, we’ll remove more names from the picture in a new blog the following day!

*About Bonus Points: If you go above and beyond the expected results, the community will earn a bonus point for that day. Earn at least three bonus points and we’ll give you all something special this Friday!

3: The Schedule:

Monday: SEGA Blogs
Tuesday: SEGA/Sonic Facebook
Wednesday: Official Sonic Forum
Thursday: SEGA Twitter
Day 1: SEGA Blogs (Difficulty: Easy)
Challenge: Get 100 Replies with 3/3 Correct answers

Bonus Point unlocked with 250+ correct responses!

Trivia Questions:

1: In Sonic 1, how many rings were needed at the end of an act to enter a special stage?

2: How many emeralds were in the original Sonic 1 for Genesis / Mega Drive?

3: What colors were these emeralds?

Remember: It’s all about momentum. This statement holds as true with this challenge as it did in the Sonic games that many of us grew up playing. Fans across the world will need to work together and spread the word if you want to succeed. So build up strong now, because the ending is going to be a challenge!

You have just under 20 hours from the time of this posting to reach 100 correct replies, or 250 for the bonus point! Good luck – the Needlemouse challenge begins now!

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  1. I desperately hope Fwoggy is a playable character, all the hijinks he gets into, that itself would be an incredible game. Possible Game of the Year.

  2. I would very much like to see Shade in this and see how she would be used for the story? 😛

  3. Screw Shadow the hedghog, he got one oportunity and blew it.
    Only sonic-tails-k.t.e- maybe just maybe amy, and Robotnik, (not eggman called).

  4. A lot of people are saying this is a little joke – that two names will be blanked out each day, and at the end of the week only Sonic will remain. As they’re trying to give the game a retro vibe, it would be unusual to see anyone other than Sonic (Tails and Knuckles at a push) in there.

  5. I hope everyone but Sonic is wiped out.. they can’t possibly think of adding any of those others… but if they do, please give them their retro looks, I would love to see the series take a step backwards from voice acting and those human like body designs 🙁

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  6. You know, if we count main games only, a step backwards would be Sonic06 😀

    – Sonic Unleashed
    – Sonic 06
    – Shadow the hedgehog
    – Sonic Heroes

    And the list goes on…

  7. Can’t we just stick to Sonic, like the first game?

    But if not, then Cream da Rabbit for me ;P

  8. Wasnt’t Sonic supposed to be named Mr. Needlemouse. What if Needlemouse is the code name of classic Sonic? And this is jsut something to trick us. It’s probably not, jsut somthing that went trough my little brain. :p

  9. Obvious wipe offs:

    *Mr. needlemouse (does not exist, was an early development name for Sonic)

    Sonic, Shadow and Amy are the only really main characters on that list and the most likely to be playable. Wouldn’t be surprised if Shade were in it, it is time for a new 2nd female (1st it was Rouge then Cream, now it is Blaze, but Shade could easily replace her)

  10. I’m calling it now, the only playable character will be Sonic and if there are any more it will be Tails and Knuckles. I’d like to think while recalling feelings of nostalgia SEGA wouldn’t be stupid enough to have anyone else. So while I’d be perfectly happy with Sonic being playable by himself the only other characters worth having would be the other two members of the triple threat.

  11. I do like how they mentioned that “it’s all about momentum”, which means that they might actually remember this fact.

  12. Even though Mr Needlemouse was originally an early development idea for Sonic, they could create a new character under that name. It’s often been said that the games always add a new character. He could be the latest.

    Other than that, I’m going to go with Shadow and Espio. Both are speed characters who will work well with the speed elements of the game. Shadow also keeps most fans of the current generation happy.

  13. Who do i want to play as in the list? let me think erm….. Sonic and well thats about it really 🙂

  14. Where the hell are Tails and Knuckles on that list?! The only characters in ANY – good – Sonic should be Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. And Robotnik/Eggman. MAYBE amy as well. Only then should they add ONE extra character to fit in on the story (but dont make him playable until the game is finished).

  15. Sonic, Shadow and Amy are the most likely candidates.

    I can’t help but get the feeling that Silver might be in it as well…

  16. Hmm, just a thought. If this was serious, and they wanted to reveal a large number of the characters in the game, surely they would reveal (not eliminate) them one-by-one, and probably with their own trailers, to increase hype?

    I think this is a joke.

  17. Bah.
    As Long as Sonic is in it, I’m Happy. The others can be in it to push the story forward if necessary.
    And why can’t Shadow be in this game. Sure he’s not retro, right now it’s time to advance and improve what the Mega Drive started, not revert back to it , like the the cowardly CapCom (that said MegaMan 9 was AWESOME)

  18. What an odd move! Well it seems the challenge for today is complete. I hope Amy will at least be in the game. I like having her playable. Hot Shelter in Sonic Adventure with her was one of the games best stages I thought. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. If Shadow is “rejected” he’ll be one of the last to go I think… but I find it so weird they’re doing this on… blogs? Instead of press releases…

  19. I predict “Sonics new friend Mr. Needlemouse” to be wiped out first, then the rest of the characters. With Sonic the last one standing.

  20. Mr Needlemouse was Sonic’s name while they were originially designing the character way back when. SEGA of America didn’t like it, and gave their version of the character – Sonic the Hedgehog (and ill feeling between SEGA of Japan and SEGA of America) was born.

    Some of that might not be correct. I’m telling from memory from the documentary from last year.

  21. Answer 1: 50

    Answer 2: 6

    Answer 3: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, gray, and purple. (If I recall)

    Now point me to the SEGA Blogs!

  22. Maybe the plot will involve Sonic travelling through a time-machine (Sonic CD anyone?), and he meets his classic self. That would be pretty cool IMO

  23. Remember peeps it does say, ‘SONIC’S NEW FRIEND MR NEEDLEMOUSE’ clearely an indication of a new face!

  24. Maybe sonic goes into the past/ different universe and find his younger self, who calls himself Mr.Needlemouse. BAM! i called it!

  25. i think chip should be in this he was a a really cool character off sonic unleashed to begin with

  26. Why isn’t tails on this list? That almost guarantees that only Sonic will remain. Who else would be in the game if not tails?

    They really ought to put tails, knuckles and amy in if they have a racing versus mode… but that would probably never happen.

  27. If Sonic’s crossed off, I’ll be all like…


    I highly doubt that’d happen, but it’d be pretty damn funny.

  28. Sonic travels back in time and meets the original Sonic.. aka Mr. Needlemouse 😛

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  29. I know that Sonic clearly be there in Project Needlemouse. But I wonder what will happen to Tails and Knuckles? But its good for Chip from Sonic Unleashed to be back.

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