SEGA U.S. Gets A New Sonic Statue

SEGA U.S. Gets A New Sonic Statue


Today on the SEGA U.S. blog, employee Kellie tells the story of the arrival of a brand-new Sonic statue for the office lobby.  The statue is life-size and awesome. The new statue replaces a statue from 1999.  She writes:

So I’m just sitting at my desk, typing away, when one of our HR reps appears over the wall of my cube. She says there’s a new Sonic in the lobby, and I should bring my camera. I dash off to find a major project in the works — the assembly of a new Sonic statue.

In case you’ve never been to our offices (as I assume most of you have not), we have a Sonic in our lobby. It’s the older ‘99-ish Sonic. He comes up to my mid-torso — tall enough for me to rest my elbow on.

With the arrival of this new, “modern Sonic” statue, followers of SEGA’s Twitter wanted to know if the old statue would be given away during one of the blog’s “Free Stuff Friday” sweepstakes.  Kellie replied to the large amount of interest:

Sadly, the answer is none of the above. The old Sonic will go into storage. (I’m bolding for emphasis because I expect that to be asked a lot.) But rest assured, if he is ever in danger of meeting the inside of a dumpster, the community team will rescue him and give him a good home.

Check out the gallery of the new and old statues below.

[Via SEGA America Blog]

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  1. It’s what many of us have dreamed – being able to decapitate Sonic! Just kidding. Hopefully they start putting out more statues for the Sega office; I’d say Nights and Chu Chu Rocket characters would be cool.

  2. SEGA of Europe has at least 2 of these one of which visited Summer of Sonic ’09. I would have thought SEGA of America would have already had one of these, oh well least they have one now :p

  3. Upon closer inspection, its an enlarged version of those 15th anniversary figures you could pick up at E3 a few years ago.

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  4. I didn’t even know there was a pre-order bonus back then, I only brought Sonic 06′ when it was released. xD I’ll regret that day, I always want the 15th anniversary mini Sonic statue… so badly. -__-

    Anyways the life-size statue, so awesome! =D

  5. Eh, cool statue. It is… Until you compare him to the other which looks more lively and animated. Oh? Right, I think the new statue looks stiff. It has no character. And is it me or do his hands look blocky? Ew, just ew. The Mickey Mouse statue in Disneyland is certainly better than that.

    Or… You can take a good look at the above. Either way, the new statue is decent, but not as great as the classic Sonic statues.

  6. This statue isn’t new to me. The exact same statue has been on display since last Xmas in my local Gamestation XD

  7. I’ve been next to a Sonic Statue just like that one (the taller one). It was displayed on the videogame section of one of my local malls. It was awesome.
    It’s cool SEGA now has one too. Hey, maybe it’s the same one…

    I like both designs, but when it comes to those two statues, I prefer the one with the more recent design. The shorter Sonic looks a bit different from the one on the Mega Drive.

  8. they should have kept the old one out. so when people come in they can see how sonic used to b and how he is now

  9. That is the coolest staue I have ever seen. I thought Sega would have had this one ages ago though.

  10. who is anyone to say if a hedgehog is fat or not
    how do you know sonics new design isnt anorexic

  11. @Daniel Butler: Oh, back then? I was pretty pudgy… Seriously, compare me to Amy, or Knuckles. My shape back then was no good.

    Well, I did get rounder again after 2006, but this is a more healthy-looking round, right? Plus it makes slightly more sense for a runner than my nineties physique. I can go about… eight miles-per-hour faster nowadays! Isn’t that awesome!?

  12. Harmonik is right, Sonic’s twice the size of what he should be! I’d rather have one that’s half that size so he’d really be ‘life-size’ 🙂

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