Rumour: ASR Special Announcement May Be Delayed Until Next Week

Rumour: ASR Special Announcement May Be Delayed Until Next Week


Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett under his S0L nickname has informed everyone via the SSMB that the special announcement planned for this week regarding Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing might be delayed until next week now.

Rumour has it the announcement that was due this week – will be next week instead BTW. Apologies for being a tease on this, like I say, I’m not in charge of PR and Marketing 🙂


If it has been delayed at least it’s only another week and with that week being closer to Christmas you could say it’s a Christmas present from Sumo Digital. Now what could the announcement be…

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  1. Ha, a christmas present. Remember Christmas day, 2007? They revealed Super Sonic for Brawl and the new Angel Island theme remix. Now that was a Merry Christmas announcement.

  2. Werehog – count on it

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  3. Man, I just hope they made a big deal in putting all the JSR stuff in there. Besides, Sonic and sliced bread, JSR is the next besst thing.Better be their excuse.

  4. I think they’re probably going to announce a delayed release. No im just kidding, that would suck, I remember how pissed I was when they delayed brawl. Im guessing they’re going to announce the DLC exclusive characters.

  5. The announcement is going to be Eggman’s signature car-horn; “PINGAS!”

    But seriously, Bentley Jones would be an awesome character. He can drive a Bentley that’s ‘on fire!’ (T-Bird will know what I’m on about)

  6. *gets on knees*Please reveal nights will play.PLEASE. Or at least have Ristar in a cute little star care called the Light of Hope 😛 I wonder the possible exclusive characters:
    Wii: Night or Captn Falcon XD
    PS3: Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter
    DS:Mario or Kirby OR Pikachu -because cuteness can fly,surf,AND now drive XD-
    360:Revealed already,heck that better had been the real deal.I hate fake box art XD

  7. XD Forgot about Bentley and Crush 40 in a dual car and there Signature move: A HIT SONG THAT MAKE YOUR HEART SINK WITH HAPPINESS BABY XD

  8. Hopefully its about Night and if it aint Ristar better be the next thing bc hes soooooooo cute.Or even the exclusive characters.
    PS3: Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter
    Wii:Captain Falcon o Nights XD
    DS:Mario or Kirby OR Pikachu (because cuteness has flew,surfed,AND now can drive XD)

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