Pictures of Sonic & Shadow ASR Figures Released

Pictures of Sonic & Shadow ASR Figures Released


Yep.  Today, we’ve got actual pictures of those figures that we told you about last Thursday (instead of mock-ups).  It’s shame that they are blurry.  Regardless, they are pictures of the actual toys.

Now that I can actually see these figures FO REALZ, I want one.  Look at how cool that Sonic figure looks.  He exudes cool.  Oh, and Shadow’s here, I guess.

[Via Tomopop]

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  1. aweeesommme =D
    I want shadow!

    Btw, Bit offtopic but there was a whole bunch of trailers thrown up on the psn just before of ASR if anyones interested =]

  2. That’s so lame, they are just the 3 inch figures again, but with cars. Either they haven’t finished the real prototypes yet and these are just stand ins, or Jaswares is planning to just repackage the same figures, trying to get us to buy them again… though it might be worth it for that cool GUN cycle.

  3. Now we just need pictures of the actual vehicles

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  4. well the sonic looks the d=same just with a darker tan for his arms and etc. but im still getting both

  5. Actually- these aren’t 3 inchers. These are prototype 5 inchers, guessing they’re remaking Sonic.

  6. Ill feel so young.*remember the good old days* I’M THE ULTIMATE CHUMP.Your to slow. O YEA CHAOS CRASH. XD
    Is it just me or has anyone been curious about shadows allstar move.Super shadow? Chaos spear or blast or control or rift or CRASH XD

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