AoSTH 4-Disc Set Coming Early 2010

AoSTH 4-Disc Set Coming Early 2010


Everybody’s favorite oddball weekday morning show starring a hedgehog with super speed will have its third season release on DVD in “early 2010.” is reporting that the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog – Volume 3 will be a 4-disc set, published by Shout! Factory.

In an effort to bring fans a series of memorable catalog titles under-represented at retail, Shout! Factory will be offering select releases of TV-DVD and film catalog titles as Shout! Factory Exclusives, available for purchase directly from the official online store site.

AoSTH – Volume 3 will release with other old television shows with smaller fanbases, like Ironside, Mr. Belvedere, Room 222, My Two Dads, The Bill Cosby Show and The Goldbergs. Nothing is finalized on any of these DVD sets.  There are no exact contents, box art, or anything else specified at this time aside from the estimated date of release.

Thanks to Barry Harmon for the tip.  Alsooo… BONUS VIDEO:


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  1. Wow only 3 years behind us in the UK, you guys finally have the whole show on DVD. Although I bet yours didn’t come with ‘stickers of the shows characters’ using artwork from SatAM

  2. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Finally! The entire series will be released on DVD! Chaos Emerald saga, here I come!

  3. So you North American’s haven’t got all of AoStH on DVD yet? That’s a shame, the whole lot (except Christmas Blast) came out in the UK ages ago. Also, it was definately a Saturday morning cartoon over here in the UK. SatAM just replaced it when it started to air here.

  4. @BudokaZ
    No incorrect stickers for us, but Volume 1 had an awesome retrospective with AoStH character designer Milton Knight, and in volume 2 a how to draw Robotnik and the Unaired Pilot.

  5. My brother and I watched all of Captain N *groan*, so I imagine we’ll get this for the hilarity of shit cartoons.

    Also, Long John Baldry is a godly Robotnik. It seems to be a trend with game-based cartoons that the main villains have the best voice actors.

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