Win A Christmas Cards from Sonic Team? Japan Only Please!

Win A Christmas Cards from Sonic Team? Japan Only Please!


I think at one time or another we’ve all complained that our friends across the Atlantic or Pacific really do get a much better deal than ourselves when it comes to getting Sonic stuff. Well, this season the Japanese have really beaten everyone on the scale of awesomeness…

If you are lucky enough to reside on the isles of Japan though, get your thinking caps on! You have a chance to apply for a personalised Christmas message from none other than Takashi Iizuka, the current head of Sonic Team. For those of you not in the know, Iizuka has been involved since the good ol’ glory days, and directed Sonic Team on Sonic Adventure 2. From what my grasp of Japanese can understand, with translators filling in the gaps, Japanese residents can apply for one of a handful of Christmas cards to be written by Iizuka this year, after answering a number of questions on such topics as your opinions of Sonic Channel.

So, any of you folks know someone who lives in Japan? If you do, you can give them a sob story about “poor little Tiny-T, who lives on the streets on London, 1866, with only scraps of Sonic merchandise to live off; a Christmas card from Santa Iizuka-san would make his Merry Christmas…”

Check out the link on the Sonic Channel Here!

Bah, Humbug.

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  1. That is very awesome.

    You might be in luck there. I happen to have a close friend who has some other close friends who live in the land of Japan. I might leave out the sob story though.

  2. Win A Christmas Card(s)!

    I was in Japan the other day and actually got one –

    “Zank you foh praying Zonic Adventuruu Duu.. on behalf off Zonic Team, we apporigize foh that ahhh… horrible gahme” – Takashi Iizuka

  3. @Jix
    please Jix stop saying in every SA related topic that you hate Sonic Adventure 2, okay?
    we all get it now. and it is really annoying to guys like me who like SA2. (no hard feelings though)
    well i want such a card…

  4. We should run a “Get a Christmas Card from the TSS staff” competition, and make it available to anyone BUT Japanese residents?

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