Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 and Genesis Collection Now On U.S. PlayStation Store

Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 and Genesis Collection Now On U.S. PlayStation Store


For those not in the know Sony have released the latest model in the PSP family, the PSP Go today and to celebrate the launch SEGA have released a bunch of their classic PSP games on the PlayStation Store.

The U.S. store has received the following titles –
* Alien Syndrome ($15.99)
* Super Monkey Ball Adventure ($15.99)
* Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars ($15.99)
* Iron Man ($19.99)
* Sonic Rivals ($15.99)
* Sonic Rivals 2 ($29.99)
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines ($15.99)
* Sega Genesis Collection ($15.99)
* Crush ($15.99)

If you are after a classic Sonic fix on Sony’s handheld Sega Genesis Collection has Sonic 1 and 2 on it among all the classic Genesis titles also worth buying the collection for.

Europe has received only a few titles –
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines (£11.99)
* Crush (£11.99)
* Iron Man (£11.99)

No Sonic love for Europe but we’ll be checking next week’s PlayStation Store update so stay tuned to TSS!

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  1. Sonic Rivals 2 makes me wish I had a PSP.

    Oh, the hardships of being a Nintendo purist…

  2. I hear ya Humble.. give it a few years and maybe we can pick up a PSP for nothing on a flea market or something

  3. i just got a go today… but im holding off on any sonic collections till they put up a set with EVERY genesis title… not just two :\… wasn’t too fond of rivals either for some reason… never got good at it with my old psp so ill waive that too

  4. Humble, Jix, I’m with you guys. Nintendo all the way. Hang in there, you wait and see, We’ll have Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 in a Nintendo compilation in 8 or 9 years from now. Back in the 90s I thought I’d never get to play Triple Trouble and Sonic the Fighters, but good things come to those who wait and look at the great Sonic compilations Nintendo has now. Go Nintendo.

  5. What a coincidence. I was just listening to Sonic Rivals music on the computer!

    Haven’t checked the PlayStation Store yet today, although I already have 3 of the games on that list (both Rivals games and Crazy Taxi), so I’m not interested in digital versions. Of course, I don’t plan on getting a PSPgo either, so it doesn’t really matter. 😛

  6. Oooh. Need to find out how you get on the Playstaton Store. I only have the first one, and I’ve heard the second one is even better.

  7. @ Umiyuri
    If you have the latest firmware you should have a direct link to the Store under the Playstation Network section of the XMB. Just sign in and you can access the store and download the game directly to your PSP.

  8. Yeah, that’s real cool. But now, how about some new Sonic games for the PSP?

    I mean, I like Sonic Rivals 1 & 2, but I’d like a little more for a blue PSP I paid $200 bucks for…

    Well, actually it was more $170. Traded that silly extra football stuff.

    But, come on. I’ve already gotten 5, soon to be 6, Sonic games for the DS. At least a Sonic Mega Collection for the PSP so I could play 3 & Knuckles on it.


  9. I alredy have Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2. I don’t really like GO. We didn’t need a new PSP either. The best PSP is the PSP Slim and Lite. PSP 300 have problems with the secreen and this one. NO UMD or what the heck it’s called! Downloading games….naaaa. It can always be something that goes wrong with that. It’s much for safty to but it in a store.
    But my PSP is cracked so I download my games.XD Is there a super monkey ball and a Crazy Taxi for PSP!? I didn’t know that! Have to download a demo!

  10. PSP Go Sucks! Considering that you can’t use the ten to fifteen (?) games you own on the old one(s) (They never seemed to have too many games to me). And now you have to buy them AGAIN! I thought Sony would allow you to some how convert your old games on to the new model. They also killed the Dreamcast, WHY! I HATE SONY!

  11. @ sonictoast

    Sonic games aren’t nintendo games, there SEGA GAMES get your facts straight! And nintendo ain’t squat SEGA all the way!

  12. I wish my PSP & Sonic Rivals 2 wasn`t stolen 🙁 & STULF : You got a point the PSP Go does suck because to play games you have to download it for a few bucks where u can buy them for a good price at Gamestop or some other place … & the PSP is the only sony console I like

  13. @ Edwin Shy:
    Sorry if I made you a little sad, I don’t like Sony, and the PSP Go just doesn’t make sense.

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