SEGA Reveals UK M&S Marketing Campaign Details

SEGA Reveals UK M&S Marketing Campaign Details


SEGA Europe have revealed to MCV their UK marketing plans for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and it’s set to be SEGA’s biggest campaign ever.

90 second ads costing millions of pounds will be shown alongside big shows such as the X Factor and on five kids channels on launch day.

Sega estimates that 93 per cent of housewives and 88 per cent of kids will see the advert 11 times each, while 80 per cent of 16 to 34 year-old adults will see the advert eight times each.

8 million cinema goers over the span of 5 months will see 30 second ads for the game before family and childrens movies.

SEGA has secured 5 front covers of various magazines over the course of 6 months and will be print advertising the game for 3 months.

SEGA will be running online ads on various key specialist and lifestyle sites for 4 weeks.

As mentioned earlier, this will be SEGA’s biggest marketing campaign ever. SEGA are planning the following:
– Instore activities from launch to February 2010
– Full range of premium POS
– Pre-order incentives
– Competitions and online features in the months after launch
– In-store events across 40 retail outlets.

Looking to be a very exciting game launch, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more info so stay tuned to TSS in the coming weeks.

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  1. In another note Sega inadvertently revealed themselves to be corporate whores. Way to go Sega, show us that with money you can control the minds of the general consumer!

  2. @ ProjectZuel

    GASP! You mean SEGA (a company) are trying to make as much money as possible!? I’m shocked!

    The original game sold over 5 million copies and the Wii user-base is even bigger now than it was then. Of course SEGA are going to push this.

  3. They seriously spent millions on ads?!

    Well, I guess you have to spend money to make money.

  4. @Humble Fellow: Well, yeah, but why didn’t they spend some of this cash – or the time they wasted getting all these ads and events done and in place – on making the other Sonic games?

    PleeeeeeeeeeeeeasepleasepleasepleasepleaseIwantmySonicChroniclesTwo. With more Sonamy; maybe some ho-yay between two male Mobians this time, like Sonic and Shadow, *hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge*; some Archie references – possibly characters too; maybe adding Bark and Bean. Especially Bean. Why Bean? I like Bean. He’s green. Most of my favourite characters are green. Jet, Scourge, Manic, Chaos Knuckles. All green. Go, green. Plus he has bombs and is the definition of insane.

    Go, Bean!

  5. I’ll pay whatever amount just to see Blaze on the big screen. -is a Blaze fanboy- 😉

  6. Of course they’re spending money on ads. Otherwise the only people who would want the game are the penniless losers using the internet who have to wait for Christmas to get the game.

  7. @Stan: Penniless? Hey. It means I don’t have spend a penny at all!

    @sonictoast: *coughblackknightwerehogmetalshadowandknucklesactionfigurescoughfourcartoonseriesandamoviesofarhackwheeze*

    @Humble Fellow: But it’s Bean! He’s hyper and cool and he doesn’t slow down. Not like -Sonic-…

    Sonic: Ooh, burn. Thanks for that.

    Ah, thank you!

    Sonic: No, really, since I just recovered all the Emeralds and turned Super… Eh, you know how these things go. We shout really cheesy lines at one another, you throw robots at me, I run and jump, you attack me in a big mecha or as a giant lizard and I either send you flying into the sky with a twinkle or kill you in a more child-friendly manner. It’s a routine but, hey, it’s a comfortable one.


  8. This seems completely unfair to allow SEGA alone to advertise it. Aren’t Nintendo going to aid in the costs?

  9. Games nowadays do have massive amounts of money spent on when you take into account everything that is done with them including advertising. Unlike in the 80s/90s where a games company would consist of about 20 people. But the games industry has expanded so much of the past two decades and so have budgets and costs. This is why Free Radical (Timesplitters creators for those who don’t know) went out of business. They spent so much money on Haze but the game failed to return and they had to shut down. Which is really a shame because I wanted to see Timesplitters 4.

  10. Looks like Sega’s public relations have a lot of money.. maybe they should consider restructure, give the main development teams a boost, get Yu Suzuki back and finish the Shenmue saga.
    People aren’t going to stop talking about it unless the story is done.

    Staying on topic : I hope the ads are amusing like the first ones. Oh, and collectible Burger King drinking glasses and kids meals please 🙂

  11. …Maybe these guys should spend more money making good games/getting people who are known for making good games instead of WHATTHECRAP marketing campaigns…but thats just me.

  12. It’s good for the company to be advertising like this.
    I mean….the first one was a success and I still see people buying it.
    I live in the U.S. and yeah…
    I say this would be a nice investment for the company.

    now it is us to ask, is the game THAT great as they say?

  13. @ Golden :
    The first one was alright, it was short, didn’t have all that many unlockables, but it was well presented.

    This one is shaping up to probably be better

  14. after the whole money they will get from that game now.
    they better give me a superb sonic game.
    well i ignore that whole game altogether because the 1. one was a total letdown for me…

  15. sonictoast : I`d love to see a Blaze , Silver, & Jet figure & maybe a CGI Sonic series in the style of those Sonic Unleashed shorts in the style of Night of the Werehog

  16. HOLAS: ™

    i don’t have a console, i don’t even want a wii, but if they are going to relase some CG shorts, i’m sold, and i’m going to buy the game just to show support as i did with unleashed…

    then again, i’m also disapointed about the fact this minigame collection has more advertising and investment than the main sonic games (not to mention the lack of attention to some SEGA franchises), but this is business, so i understand (but i’m still complaining 8D )

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