Sonic Adventure DX To Be Ported/Remade?

Sonic Adventure DX To Be Ported/Remade?

Sonic Adventure DX PAL GC

According to a recent ratings entry at the Australian classifications board the OFLC it looks like we could be getting a new port/remake of the Sonic Adventure Gamecube/PC port Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut. All we know right now is this new entry was rated on the 18th August 2009 as ‘G General’ and will be multi-platform.

The original port basically added some glossy changes to character models, a mission mode and all 12 Sonic Game Gear games. There’s no limit to what a new version on current consoles could add to the game if Sonic Team really worked at it.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any future info/media on this, so stay tuned.


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  1. Are you absolutely sure that this is a brand new port? Was the game rated by the Aussies when the port was first released?

  2. This is actually making me excited. I really need another excuse to play the game again, and if it’s a port, it’s likely to be out by around Xmas time, and I could do with more than just a sports game with Mario and Sonic, even if it is a port (Remake would be even better!!)

  3. @Meph

    1. It was entered in 2009

    2. It says multiplatform, I wouldn’t really count GC and PC as much of a “Multiplatform”

  4. It’s probably nothing special, but when the Wii came out I did wonder why, if they could fit both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 onto Gamecube discs, why they couldn’t make a Sonic Dreamcast Collection on the Wii. It would be great to see something a little varied in our Sonic Collections.

    But undoubtedly this is just a Sonic Adventure DX with New Play Control, an exact re-release of the previous Sonic Adventure DX on the Gamecube with a new optional control scheme for the Nintendo Wii. I would love a remake of this game, but I’m not raising expectations.

  5. If it’s a remake, maybe the engine could be a version of Sonic 06 that actually works.

    Whatever happens, I just hope they remake the cutscenes altogether. Adventure was a good game and all, but the cutscenes were simply unforgivable.

  6. You know, Playstation and XBox loyalists never got a port of Adventure before, so this could be a PSN and XBL download perhaps (Of the PC version I guess).

    If its a disc release, it makes no sence. You couldda fit Adventure 2 and even Heroes on the same disc… :/

  7. Hmm… This takes time for a math genius. But first, a DC used CD’s correct, and how much memory could those hold for the system?

  8. The Dreamcast actually used GD-roms. They have 1.2gig storage capacity so they’re slightly bigger than the PSone’s CDs but much smaller than PS2’s DVDs. SEGA used them instead of DVDs to stop piracy (which failed miserably).

    Onto SA:DX: People are forgetting this is a classification; not a trademark. Whatever this thing is, it must have already been made for SEGA to have submitted it to the OFLC. I find it highly unlikely a full remake would have been through development without us knowing anything about it until now. This is more likely to be an XBLA port or something equally unexciting.

  9. So SA and SA2 are both fill (assumed of course) 1.2 GBs of memory. When ported to the GC which used Mini-DVD’s which (assumed again) filled up the whole 2.5 GBs of memory. So now we move on to this DVDs which hold 8 GBs of memory which mean 5 GBs of memory would be left with 3 GBs remaining, which the 360 and Wii use DVDs. However, the Blu-Ray Discs the PS3 uses holds up to 50 GBs of memory which means you have about 45 GBs of memory left over. So, they should just update the graphics and fix glitches here and there, then put them on XBL and PSN, while the Wii gets the disc version.

  10. I was just thinking that it would be a great idea to Update SA:DX or SA2:B to xbox live arcade and add online racing and online chao rooms. That would be the best news ever if that was true. My only request is if they redid SA2B for xbox live with online racing, that they made knuckles and tails playable in the racing portions with sonic and shadow.
    Online Chao room ftw!!!!

  11. Dear Sega,

    *Bows and prays* I don’t ask for much and I think you’ve been pretty good to us in recent years, sure Sonic’s taken a slide and all, but there were good times.
    Sonic Adventure was a good time, I played it beginning to end many times before the Dreamcast memory cards were available and many many times after that.
    The story, the stages, the cutscenes, the music, the Chao, all worked together to bring us a true Sonic 3d experience.
    If you guys could remake this with updates, there would be no words to express my gratitude.
    I would be willing to pay for a Xbox360 if you guys decide to skip the Wii, thats how much I’d want this game again.

    Thank you – Sega player for over 20 years, Jix

  12. I do think this is the best 3D Sonic game to date, however, I played through this game multiple times on Dreamcast, a few more times on Gamecube, completed every mission, earned every emblem, unlocked Metal Sonic and every GG game, earned every metal Sonic emblem, raised a hundred chao, yadda yadda yadda. What i’m saying is I love this game I love this game, but would rather get something new than the same thing for a third time again.

  13. Cool!! I have this on my old DC, and hope this turns out to be true as I’d love to play it on my xbox 360! This is my second fav sonic game, eclipsed only by the excellent Sonic Adventure 2. IF it is true and it does well I’m hoping for a SA2 port next 🙂

  14. ANOTHER PORT OF SA!?!? my life shall finally be complete!!
    I really hope this doesn’t turn into milking sa again, I want fixed mechanics, better graphics, not just new shiny character textures, and maybe more story mode characters!, I hope to see some wii-motion controls and such incorperatedif it happens.

  15. Considering we haven’t had a Sonic PSP game in a while, it may be possible that they have plans to port it to that. With games like GTA and Crazy Taxi having already being ported to it, why not SA:DX? Some PSP games are also ported to the PS2 which would explain why it is multiplatform. Sonic Adventure Portable – yes please!

  16. Looking forward for the ported/remake of the game. I’ve rarely played the dreamcast version, so I got the GC Version with better graphics. I would love playing this game on my xbox.

  17. Holy f***, that would be amazing. Remade cutscenes, touched up levels, better chao garden… ah, but I’m not getting my hopes up yet.

  18. Weak. This game was awe inspiring on the Dreamcast but with hindsight I think the majority of us can see that the majority of the game was sub-par. Only Sonic was truely fun while the other characters were passable or below. Throw in a crummy camera and you have one frustrating game. SEGA please just make a 100% Sonic game with a fixed camera and lots of levels.

  19. @BlueHedgehog

    Actually the Dreamcasts 10th anniversary would have been in 2008, because Japan got it in 1998 (Folled by the US/EUR release in 99)

  20. *Objection!*
    I loved the hub worlds! It felt like you were actually in part of a city, and with the day / night system, it was freaking awesome!!
    *Slams Desk* They need an extra missions pack complete with playable Blaze or something!
    Gah! I’m so excited! *Kicks table*

  21. Yes!!! SA:DX is my favourite game EVER! If they really update it, I hope that they also include a few more levels, and possibly make another hub-world for them, ’cause I LOVED the hub-worlds! We wanna re-live SA:DX and SA:2 in HD! Woot!!!! ^-^

  22. I think if it’s a remake with more levels and chars, etc. cream will most deffinately be a playable aswe learned in SADX she was around in the game, we seldome got to see here fly by the screen and such, remember? that means she was there the whole time! maybe she was slightly involved with what happened and we’ll get a brand new playable character campaign featuring CREAM THE MUTHA****IN RABBIT (I really kinda hate her, but still)

  23. Now here’s a question! Is the game gonna keep the same voice actors (Ryan Drummond and his crew), or is SEGA gonna be gay and get 4kids to dub it?

  24. I REALLY chope this is a remake, but if it’s not, I gotmy fingers crossed for a new wii play control title!!

  25. I think that your jumping the gun if you think they will remake it… Why, because they still haven’t done a remake (just edited the original), all the do is get old games and put rubbish filter on and say thats what we want (who wants hand drawn HD sprites when you can have crapy filters that make a 16 bit game look crap)… SEGA as much I like them have never done that little bit extra for the fans, I mean in Sonic Adventure DX they never remade Robotnik or remove his constant pelvic thrust action….

  26. sonic adventure on ps360?
    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO buying it if it is this
    maybe a true sonic collection with the best 6 sonic games to sonic’s 20th anniversary in HD?
    (-Sonic 1
    -sonic 2
    -sonic 3 & knuckles
    -sonic cd
    please sega this would be one true great game

  27. Hey, you know what’s weird? When I first read this, I was in the middle of downloading Open Your Heart…

  28. The only thing I pray for, is that the game won’t be so shiny that it blinds me like heroes did ; _ ;

    Also, SADX with Unleash’s graphics would be kick ass :3

  29. Guys, it’s just a port. 😛

    I own both the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions.
    If anything, I really hope this means SEGA is taking time on the next big title.

  30. If it’s a remake, I’d love to see it on 360/PS3

    If it’s a port, then PSP/iPhone would be fine I guess

  31. I agree, a collection with Sonic 1, 2, 3 & knuckles, sonic cd, SA and SA2 would be awesome!

    Unfortunately I seriously doubt that ever happening, but if it does I’ll eat my Knuckles plushy!

  32. As long as this actually exists, and is a port of the Dreamcast version, not the DX remake, thend I will be quite the happy person! No alterations please, Sega!

  33. The voice acting in it is terrible but i wouldent want them to change the cut scene’s cause the actor for eggman is dead and the new one isnt as good, but if they do they should at least have the option so you can watch the originals with the new character models (if they dont make new ones just use the secret of the rings ines theyr close in look) and environment, and hopefully they use a better physics engin especialy in the part where the rocks fall and open the path to the master emerald shrine, i also hope they fix alot more of the bugs in the game like tails in the last story sliding and shakeing his head, and make it so you can upgrade your items and end up not haveing to ware them all the time and add the ability to go super sonic any time again.

  34. Word I heard is that they were going to have Super Sonic in every level in Adventure. There was even a hacker that discovered a line Tikal says after you beat the game, explainning (?) how you could go Super in a level after collecting 50 rings. Heard it on Hellfirecomms’s Sonic ’06 playthrough.

    If Adventure is re-released, I’m hoping for some cosmetic changes, a good engine, chao!, special stages where you can collect the chaos emeralds instead of automatically collecting them as part of the story, & Super playable in every level.

  35. I hope they fix the glitches, the voice acting and etc.
    i have both Dreamcast and Gamecube versions and yeah… the Gamecube version was ultra glitchy-er than the Dreamcast version.

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