Touch Arcade Talks Sonic CD With Taxman

Touch Arcade Talks Sonic CD With Taxman


The Taxman, real name Christian Whitehead, sat down with portable gaming website Touch Arcade to discuss his Sonic CD proof-of-concept port to the iPhone, which we unveiled yesterday. Eli Hodapp asks questions to Christian about the flexibility of the RSDK and its future. Christian also manages to clear up a few misconceptions that have been swirling in comment boxes across the gaming internet.

Read Taxman’s Interview with Touch Arcade.

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  1. As said before by Slingerland.

    This is the start of a long overdue movement to get people to where they belong, or more precisely where they want to be. Capcom have done their part quite recently by letting the Street Fighter 2 HD soundtrack be composed by various members of the community. I think SEGA need to take a leaf from a book that’s not constantly losing or rewriting its’ words. I hope that Taxman continues to make moves and make things happen because this is the first good thing for a while I’ve heard about in the Sonic Community.

    Well done Taxman.

  2. nothing more left to say, this is great.
    sega is somehow quiet since some time about the blue blur, i expect something big now and this is the right way sega

  3. If Kirby Superstar Ultra has taught me anything, it’s that new versions of old games are nothing to be scoffed at.

    But I’d still like to see the next mainstream game soon.

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