Get Four Sonic Posters In Nintendo Power Poster Book

Get Four Sonic Posters In Nintendo Power Poster Book

nintentopowerNintendo Power has recently released a Poster Book in the US and Canada containing 4 posters featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. The posters which can be seen below come from a number of previously released Sonic games for Nintendo consoles such as Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic & The Black Knight and the yet to be released Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter games. The book can be found in all good news stands costing $9.99 in the US and $12.99 in Canada.

Thanks go to KIRBY of the SSMB for the story, scans and pricing info for Canada as well as mikeblastdude for the pricing info for the US.



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  1. Slow day? Sorry it’s just this seems like the column of a paper you don’t read…………in the slow times local newspaper. Any news on the Summer of Sonic? Had to enquire.

  2. yay it is kind of slow for sonic. I mean I don’t want to hear about a new sonic game because I want them to really work and think about where to go now. I would at least like to hear about the next sonic chonicles game and what bioware is going to improve on because I want to hear improvement

  3. I’m not afraid to admit it: I am jealous of the Sonic fans in the US right now. Last time the UK’s Official Nintendo Mag released a poster book (which was given free with the mag), it only included one Sonic Unleashed poster, and I was disappointed at the image they used (the one set in nighttime in Spagonia with Sonic stood next to a lamppost, and the werehog in the dark just behind him). All four of the posters here are better than the one in that free poster mag, bar none.

  4. What’s with the cat thing in the bottom-left poster?

    That’s Klonoa, a Wii platformer game just come out in the US.

    what? not in the uk, this not good news

    What do you expect? We in the UK are always left behind regarding anything game related, it’s been that way for like over 20 years?

  5. Last time they were back-to back, so you could only use one at a time.


  6. This is cool. I have the first Poster Book that Had Mario in front. Its cool that this new one has Luigi. The Problem with the first Poster book was that the two SOnic Posters were on back of each other, so you could only really enjoy one.

  7. I’m in the UK so I don’t have the poster book. The only image I had at the time included Klonoa who I absolutely know has nothing to do with Sega or Sonic. The image was kindly donated to the story by KIRBY and I felt there was no need to edit it as it was plainly obvious to everyone Klonoa was the odd one out.

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