BlitzChris Presents An Education On Sonic Remixes

BlitzChris Presents An Education On Sonic Remixes

I’m often asked where I find the remixes for my radio show, and while I’m hesitant to give out the details, I also think it’s unfair if they’re not shared. I hope to enlighten you over time on a couple of websites which are integral to my collection.

Today I present Dwelling of Duels.

DoD was let slip in an interview earlier this year with one of the more famous Sonic remixers ‘Snappleman’ (famous for his work in Project Chaos, and remixing pr0n into his music). Essentially DoD is a website dedicated to video game remixes made by the casual remixing community. Anyone is free to upload their songs, but the catch is that each month a theme is presented and the entrants are bound to it. At the end of the month all tracks are reviewed anonymously and then displayed in rank.

As with most remix sites songs are hit and miss but when they hit you’ll find yourself with two missing teeth and the word “pwnd” branded on the side of your face. Previous themes have included a “Sonic Month” and a “Sega Month” or two, which really helps build a library of remixes. The odd “Free Month” is also handy for a Sonic pick-up or two.

Last months results have recently been updated and Prince Of Darkness along with DrumUltimA, Kyle Etges & Mark Kinz, have remixed Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruin and Casino Night into an extremely creative and well composed piece. Who am I kidding; it just kicked some sweet ass. It came a very close second, and I recommend it highly.

If you don’t want to download every remix on the site these are the Sonic remixes I’d shortlist for you:

PrinceOfDarkness, GuitarBizarre – Sonic Gargles with Garden Marbles

Rexy – Roasting Point

Rexy – Marble Relocation

BONKERS – Flying Magic

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  1. The Project Chaos people definitely have gotten more out since their collaboration. I have to DL these remixes now.

  2. I LOVED Project Chaos. It was the best Sonic remix album after they made HedgehogHeaven. And these…are AWESOMENESS. Great guitar solos.

  3. In addition to my last post, I would never of expected anyone to do a Sonic Mega Collection song Remix. lol.

  4. Hmm… I’m very picky when it comes to remixes…

    I’ll be honest. Some were okay and some were…meh could’ve done better.

    Again, I’m very picky about listening to remixes but keep up the good work!! I liked the Sonic Mega Collection remix. It makes me want to play it on the Wii xD

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