SEGA Releases Mazuri Download Pack on 360

SEGA Releases Mazuri Download Pack on 360

Those rumblings of more downloadable content has appeared to pan out. SEGA has today released three new levels and three new missions for Mazuri on Xbox Live. Like past DLC packs, this pack costs 250 points. You can get a look at what the content looks like below, in video provided by the Youtube user 1stkirbyever. Why don’t you tell us what you think of this content below?


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  1. Now i whant to go play it, it have been some time now sins i played it^_^

  2. haha, i noticed this yesterday, i would buy these, but i’m more interested in the upcoming DLC that the update was for, hmm

  3. Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! Pure platforming love and no running everywhere crap.

  4. Plattform awesomeness!!!
    This is the newest thing from the hedghog right?
    so sega know how to make cool sonic lvs.
    This makes me feel excited about the next sonic game =D

  5. Looks hard, but fun. Glad to see Sega is still working on this game’s updates to give it more flare.

  6. I’m sure if sega wasn’t limited on disk space for the wii version then i would actually be able to play Mazuri

  7. The dual layer option on Wii disks [allowing for 8GB of space], that Brawl used, calls fowl on your assumption Jared.

    AKA, Sega just went lazyville with the Wii version….;-)

  8. Mazuri was easily one of my favourite levels in Unleashed.
    I’ll definitely be downloading this when i get some MS points. =D

  9. Downloaded both Holoska and Mazuri the other day, great packs, but some missions are quite short =(
    don’t stop them from being fun and challenging though =D
    Can’t wait for the next updates

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