Gamma & Shadow fight Omega in Sonic Universe #3, available in comic shops!

Gamma & Shadow fight Omega in Sonic Universe #3, available in comic shops!

   Sonic Universe’s Shadow Saga continues with Part 3, “Old Soldiers”. After last months disappointing Sonic Adventure 2 adaption, Sonic Universe #3 looks to get back to the here and now with the introduction of Omega and the resolution of Gamma’s long hanging plot thread. Will Shadow be able to save Gamma from Robotnik’s wrath, or will both robots share Metal Sonic’s fate? Find out in this comic! Below are the sample scans and official solicitation:

“Old Soldiers”: Shadow is sent into the remote mountains to find E-102 Gamma. At the same time, Dr. Robotnik launches the over-powered E-123 Omega to hunt down and destroy the rogue robot! It’s a race against time to see if Shadow can save Gamma and offer him asylum – if Gamma even wants to be saved! It’s the latest installment of this exciting new series presenting unifying continuity while spotlighting the many characters from Sonic’s various video games and animated series.
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn.
ART: Tracy Yardley.
Shipping Date: April 22nd, 2009
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: April 29th, 2009
On Sale on Newsstands: May 12th, 2009
32-page, full color comic
$2.50 US

From what I can gather, the opinion regarding last month’s Sonic Universe #2 is near unanimous: the story was not very good. It’s pacing was a mess, and it didn’t have a very coherent narrative. Sonic Universe #3, going by these pages, appears to be a lot better. I personally look forward to reading the story later today. I will update this news post with my thoughts later.

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  1. I’m probably part of the rare few who actually likes Omega. We need to see more of his homicidal tendencies. Should be good.

  2. Waiiiit…. that makes ZERO SENSE. Shadow “died” at the end of SA2, and Rouge (and the world) was convinced he was dead until he beginning of Heroes – and Omega was already deactivated by then. My poor aching head…. >_<

  3. I like Omega and Gamma. Hhhhmmm, I don’t know if I like or dislike the colouring style but it annoys me for some unknown reason.
    But I can’t get this beacuse it only ships in U.S. Why can’t they give us in EU somthing to read!? Aaaaww, it sucks to live in Sweden if you like comics.

  4. The way Shadow is drawn on the third page (Excluding the cover) really bugs me. His eyes look really weird. Other than that, Tracey Yardley does a good job as usual (Though I would like to see other artists take over for a while, we hardly ever see Spaz anymore, and I really wish they’de get J. Axer back, amoung others).

  5. Spaz, as I understand it, is too busy with lots of different assignments to work on Sonic outside of covers these days. Axer left because of the tight deadlines involved with Sonic, I doubt they could get him back. We will be seeing Stephen Butler return in 202 though.

  6. Oh good, someone beat me too it, I don’t have to download a driver for my scanner 😛
    Nothing special, was hoping for a big fight scene or something, very little happened.. They really need to steer away from the main story to make the comic unique in its own sense.

    @ Minus – Gamma was also “deactivated” way before Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes, for this story to work you’ll have to ignore the ending of Sonic Adventure.

  7. This is the Archie continuity, Minus, not the games. Back when the comics where integrating Sonic Adventure into the continuity, SEGA was keeping a very light lid on the game’s storylines. This resulted in many inconsistencies, including Gamma never dying, just simply fading out of the story at the end of the adaption.

    This story is correcting that.

  8. @ Nuckles87

    Hopefully he won’t style the work after the Sonic X stuff he did. Don’t get me wrong, that style wasn’t so bad, but I just prefered the style in the main comic.

    And thats too bad about Axer, as I’v been looking back through past issues recently, and thought how much I missed his style =(

  9. @Will:

    My thoughts exactly. Axer was a god among the staff of Archie. In all honesty, I loved his work more than Spaziante’s.

    @nuckles87: That true eh? My memory’s not all that great of those issues though I do remember Knuckles being green at the time.

    Geez…. Can’t they try to cooperate and work off the same basic storyline? Dang SEGA….

  10. Omega is cool! Can’t wait to read what happens!

    His homocidal tendencies will be interesting both in the comics and the real world. Sonic has been shifted more and more to kids now-a-days, and the whole entire, “KILL EVERYTHING!” might cause commotion until, and if, his attention gets shifted to Eggman.

  11. Okay… they got Shadow being a agent part right but Shadow fighting Omega? Didn’t they both agreed that they won’t fight each other ((yes I’m talking about Sonic ’06, YES that game is part of the stories even if the timeline was erased))?

    Archie comics never made sense… i was disappointed that they changed SA2’s story in the second Sonic Universe comic…

  12. Archie Comics do make since, so long as you keep in mind that they ARE NOT the games. Their similariites with the games have increased considerably over the last few years, especially when it comes to characterization, but it’s going to be impossible for the comics to share the game play of the stories.

    As I said before. SEGA never even gave Archie all the details of the storylines of their games, and sometimes asked them not to adapt any elements period (as was the case with Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and the robots and characters in Sonic Unleashed).

    Shadow’s fighting Omega because Omega’s just now being introduced. They won’t be fighting in the future.

  13. I bought SU 2 and 3 on Saturday (Also got the free “Evolution of a Hero” comic for Free Comic Book Day). Issue 2 was too confusing for me, but I enjoyed issue 3.

    Now if only I could hunt down issue 1…

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