SEGA finally bringing Sonic Chronicles to Japan!

SEGA finally bringing Sonic Chronicles to Japan!


Resident SSMB member ‘KIRBY‘ informed the forums earlier today with some exciting news regarding the release of Sonic Chronicles in Japan. Unlike Europe and America, Japan never saw a release of the game last September, a similar act as with Sonic Rivals 1 and 2’s Japanese no shows. While the majority of Japanese fans simply felt left in the dust, SEGA have finally uploaded a teaser site to the Internet advertising an eastern release for the Nintendo DS turn-based adventure.

Sonic Chronicles was met with mediocre reviews when released in Europe and America last year, with high criticism to the plot and sound track noted. The majority of fans however enjoyed the title, with Bioware’s extensive RPG experience clearly shining through. More information will be uploaded to the website April 10th, hopefully giving us a release date for Japanese fans to look forward to.

Source: SEGA Japan.

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  1. They’ll probably play it and fly through it in a couple of hours since the Japanese have countless other RPGs made that are 10 times as difficult and 10 time more enjoyable.

    I liked it, I thought for sure BioWare had convinced me it would be the Sonic adventure of all Sonic adventures, but damn it was short and easy. The chao system didn’t help at all, nor did equipment, didnt matter what characters were in your party..

    but still, I enjoyed it

  2. It’s about time that we got something first before the Japanese. It annoys me sometimes that the American based game companies (or Western based companies in general) send their games over to Japan before the are released in their home countries/regions/whatever. Or they release games and we never see them, or we see them months to years later and the original content has been altered so much it’s not anything like the original game. I shed no tears for the Japanese in this situation, I think they are just getting their just deserts.

  3. Feh, the only good thing about Chronicles was the story IMO. Everything else was just a waste of time and money.

  4. It’s taken ’em this long to (almost) get to Japan? Wow, it’s been a good 6 months since the game was released here in the U.S. I wonder if the game was originally not going to be released in Japan ’cause that seems like way too long of a wait. Anyway, I hope they’ll enjoy the game.

  5. Good for Japan, I guess. I personally hated the game for everything but the story and dialogue but… hey, if people like it, that’s good.

    And it’s better than them not getting it at all. They never got the Rivals series? Seriously?

  6. Nice news though it will likely be overshadowed by those countless JRPG’s.

    Other then my few complaints for the game, I really liked SC. I know it was not going to be really amazing or something like that and never expected it either(it is the first Sonic RPG after all) but it still became a good game of its right IMO.

  7. The sound effects were pure awful in SC, and most of the audio too. There was the odd remix that sounded nice, but most of em were low quality, ringtone styled songs. The sfx for the most part were so childish, only Big’s voice really fit.

  8. The most likely reason for why the game took so long to reach Japan was probably translation. RPGs contain a lot of dialogue and as a result tend to take a while to be translated.

  9. btw does anybody knows what happened with sonic world adventure next-gen version i mean it took awful lot of time and the translation were allready done is it really the same game?

  10. I totally got this game yesterday. I’m up to chapter 5, and I think I’m doing well with the sonamy subplot. (She said that I was being really nice to her.)

    I think Bioware have done a good job on the Sonic universe, and I’m really happy that they gave people the option to get those two closer together.

    Wonder how the japanese are going to react to “Dexter”?

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