GameTrailers Takes On Black Knight

GameTrailers Takes On Black Knight

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Like we’ve stated many times, we don’t like to talk about reviews.  However, I have the utmost respect for GameTrailers and their reviews.  I, personally, find them interesting, in-depth and having visual aid for any complaints that they air during the review is always nice.  It’s hard to argue with GTs gripes with Sonic & the Black Knight, so here it is at TSS for your viewing pleasure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my L.A. spring break adventure.

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  1. and i totally agree gametrailers os the only site i trust the review was great its got 5.8 i think everything was good he doesent run fast plz someone fix sonic

  2. Meh…. Whatever. I’m getting sick of reviewers and their oversized egos.

    But the main problem here? Why does everyone need Sonic to return to being a 2D platformer with nothing new? Screw them! If nothing new touches the series, it’ll get boring.

    And the gameplay wasn’t bad. In fact, the waggle worked well, and it turned out to be one of the best Wii titles in quite some time.

  3. Yeah, I agree with this review. I too also think Gametrailers are fair and hard to argue against. They are pretty much the masters of visual game reivews. Though their Shadow the Hedgehog review sucks (never heard that guys voice again) most reviews including Sonic are fair.

  4. Yeah they’re pretty honest about their reviews. The overall feeling I get with BK is like Shadows game, where they made the game so that you should enjoy using the weapons and extra things Sonic can do but it just means a lot of enemy grinding to make it through the level in a descent time. Making the enemies more then one-hit KO hasn’t been fun in a Sonic game since they started doing it and I think that’s what’s been slowing Sonic up.

  5. Well, the enemies, excet the Big-Ones, all only take one hit to KO, so that shouldn’t be a reason.

    Also, I noticed that in every video review I’ve seen, not one of them uses the homing attack -> buzzsaw blade attack. That TEARS through enemies with ease, and speed. One slash to kill like, 6 opponents, sometimes.

    Just saying, Black Knight’s not THAT bad. I’d say more a… 7.0 – 7.5 game, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Until they start assuming that this game was going to “bring Sonic back to the glory days,” ’cause SEGA NEVER said that this was a game that’d do that. It’s a spinoff, and should be reviewed as such.

  6. This games gameplay can be compared to Sonic 06 in my opinion. >_>
    I found it repetitive, clunky, boring… that is when you weren’t running at top speeds.

  7. I agree with greg the cat the game was fine the way it was sure it wasnt perfect but no game is these days they had a dead line to meet and they met it it was a great game i loved i and ive finished it twice so far and i still havnt gotten bored of it its great and ill continue to play it aslong as i live

  8. I also kinda agree with GT…
    the story was kinda short…I almost have a feeling the story of Sonic Riders was even longer…
    I dunno..but SATSR has something that SATBK doesn’t have…maybe it’s speed? or the abillity to continue to run without that much of blockades on the way?…who knows……I don’t say that SATSR is THAT much better…but yah..
    I would give the game a 6.5

  9. The only thing I want to add is that Sonic is only slow in the beginning of the game. Just level him up and you`ll play with the blue blur we all love! Even the handling of the sowrd will get better after he`s leveld up some.

  10. “If you’ve ever been told never to run with a pair of scissors, this is the reason.”

    I couldn’t help but die with laughter (as a result, half my family think I’m insane [well, more so than before]) but it was exactly what I was thinking when I first picked it up. Fair review though, it’s not as if it was totally slated.

  11. Even though I don’t like reviewers, people who do should read Game Trailers’ reviews… they are more honest.

  12. Exactly!!!! As Dean Shanghanoo says they didn’t exactly slate the game. Out of a 1 to 10 scale 5 is the average meaning it performs to the middle ground of gaming; you’ll get some entertainment out of it but only to an adequate standard. With Sonic and the Black Knight getting a 5.8 this means it is an above average game. And Greg the Cat what make you think reviewers have oversized egos if they give Snic games a score that isn’t amazing? They are just reviewing the game not the character as such.

  13. i would be please when i could play the game with a gc controller and the 2d scenes are so bad you realize why sega made the hedgehog engine.
    the story is better than unleashed but the swored didnt made his job as good as the werehogn because after evry werehog lv. you can play true sonic speed. in sbk you hav evrytime this horde of nemies in your way and the good ol joming attack alone dont do any good so you jump over the enemies what makes the game boring or you fight them with terrible wii handeling.ah and there was NO Plattforming
    already playing unleashed again bercause it have plattforming
    ahh and the dude who said doing evrything the same would be botring.
    i had fun with 4 times old school sonic with the ultimate collection because its easily good and super mario is too always the same and still good.
    sega make to sonic 20th anniversary the game you promised,optional charas and alot of plattforming

  14. i no longer trust a website who said a negative point of star ocean 4 is that it didnt have online multiplayer, ITS A FRIGGIN’ RPG!!!!! lol

  15. I’ll have to agree with all the flaws stated so far, but what grinds at me the most is the sword mechanic. After you swing the remote, the sword doesn’t actually land a hit until 2 seconds later, which makes it nearly impossible when you have to time something. If you’ve tried playing Lancelot returns without gaurding the whole time, you’ll see that it’s incredibly infuriating.

  16. I kind of figure that, as GT and other reviewers have stated, the only way that Sonic could possibly take back what’s rightfully his – speed – is to do what Capcom did for Megaman with Megaman 9: make another 16-bit adventure of the blue blur to further the classic series of Sonic 1 – 3 & Knuckles.

    I think that is the only way Sonic would ever be able to get his old reputation back. Unleashed came close to this, but it was still just shy of pulling it off.

  17. Of course, any Sonic fan who supports these medicore (my opinion) games will be annoyed and cry about scores that didn’t match up with what they feel the scores should be. Wake up, Sonic isn’t doing as hot as he use to — and these scores and sales are going to showcase that. Not to provoke, but … let’s be honest on what’s happening here.

    These reviewers are experiencing and writing on what they personally experienced, and how they felt about it — that’s what reviews are. It’s the company’s freedom to hand out whatever score they want — and you won’t always agree with the scores, because you’re a different individual, with your own separate opinions, and you’ll most likely get something else out of the game.

    You’re going to probably be more optimistic, regardless of the game’s flaw, if you’re a die-hard Sonic fan. I’m so tired of seeing people cry about these scores — yet, understanding the fanbase, I have no choice but to watch it all unfold. And, until Sonic Team makes some better design choices, I’m going to have no choice but to keep watching.

  18. The only time I would read reviews on Sonic games is when it would have any kind of new info that I don’t know about, otherwise I just ignore them as always.

    Black Knight was a disappointment for me(no surprise)but one of the VERY few things I think was great is that it did a good job portraying Sonic’s personality and character.

  19. robert is right only gameplay suked in my opinion story sound and graphic and espically caliburn were great

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