Yuji Naka Meeting UK Press Today, Will Announce Let’s Tap

Yuji Naka Meeting UK Press Today, Will Announce Let’s Tap

yumeshiya-nakaAs we write this, print and major online journalists are most likely awaiting (or on their way, no thanks to the snow) to become an audience with Yuji Naka, famed programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Now the leader of part-SEGA funded studio PROPE, he will visit the European headquarters of the publisher to talk about Let’s Tap. So it can be assumed there will be a European release.

From what we gather, there may be some announcements or two on top of this, but it’s not certain whether said news will relate to the inevitable EU release of the future tapping game or be something else entirely. Other high profile SEGA games, such as Madworld and Sonic and the Black Knight, will be playable for the press today as well, so you can expect some previews appearing in your favourite magazines soon, along with interviews of Naka-san.

Unfortunately, TSS couldn’t make the trip today – we’re washing our hair. But keep an eye out as we will be on the trail for all the news that trickles out of this very exclusive event.

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  1. Noice is all I can say Svendus bendus (why the fock did I still use that?? XD). I’m sure you used Panteen Pro for your hair? XD

    Anyways thanks for the rather exciting update, you Brits are always lucky with all the games media stuff, you know what Australia’s like – not even Koalas know what video games are – they know more about the Eucalyptus though!

    Hmm.. TSS not makin’ it into the trip? Well whatever you do Svend don’t try anything funny in getting though security on the day Naka-san makes it to the press in London (you know the consequences are rather similar to Border Security… You’ve been warned mate!)

    Heh..heh… 😀 Have fun mate if you ever get the chance to do some exclusives – and one question – where the hell did you get that pic of Naka-san??

  2. Well, there goes the Country.
    Yuji, I still need you to autograph my chest – please come and see your peasant fans at some point – we miss you.

  3. So glad this is getting a western release.

    I was thinking it would be awesome to see history repeat itself. If I remember correctly didn’t Sonic did bad on its’ Japanese release and brilliant on its’ western release?

    Lets Tap didn’t do very well with its’ Japanese release and western audiences go mental for these minigame collections. We could be onto a winner Naka 😉

  4. From what I saw of the preview videos, Let’s Tap looks fun, but keep in mind that it’s not one man that makes a game. Even if Yuji Naka has his head screwed on right, there’s still plenty of space for screw up. If anything the best thing about this game so far is that it is being designed by (from what I recall, I could be wrong) the bulk of the people who were kicked out of sonic team japan post Sega/Sammy merger. It would be ironic if the games made by Sega got so bad that they had PROPE do one instead XD

  5. Hm…And you all forgot Billy Hatcher was the genius of this man as well?

    Anyhow, it’s nice to see that Naka-san is still somewhat involved in the gaming industry, even though I have no clue what this “Let’s Tap” game he’s making is.

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