Limited Edition SEGA LP for Australian ‘Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’ Pre-orders!

Limited Edition SEGA LP for Australian ‘Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’ Pre-orders!



Hands up who can remember when our friendly neighbourhood SEGA Community Manager (and head of the Sonic Wrecks Website) ‘AAUK‘ announced in the ‘SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection‘ topic of SSMB that SoE were planning on printing some exclusive SEGA blue Vinyl Records? Who couldn’t help but drool over the very lovely classic SEGA themed record sleeve and disc? So, which of you remaining happen to live in Australia? If your hand’s still up, you’re in luck.

General SEGA fan site ‘SEGA Nerds‘ reported today with some exciting news for any Aussies planning on purchasing the upcoming SEGA Mega Drive and Arcade collection title available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 late this month. Website ‘JB Hi-Fi‘ is offering one of the very limited edition six track 12″ records with every pre-order of the game made on their website, while stock lasts, that is.

I’m sure many Australian fans are going to be picking this up quicker than you can say ‘SEEE-GAAA‘, so you’d better be quick! SEGA fans elsewhere in Europe can keep their eye on the official SEGA Blog for news of that competition in which AAUK is also giving away a couple.

You can check out the original SEGA Europe blog post regarding the Limited Edition Vinyl here and Australians can head over to JB Hi-Fi and lay down their pre-order here.

Source: SEGA Nerds.

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  1. Getting a 50 of those and sending it out to your friends would be the real challenge. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Darkspeeds, Hawkz…you now know what you can get me for my birthday ^___^.
    It does seem like a very odd mish-mash of tracks, certainly not the obvious choices – I’m particularly intrigued to see SEGA haven’t forgotten Ristar.

  3. anyone think that ristar should be the next sega franchise to get the next-gen treatment? when i got genesis collection on PSP, after i played the 1st 2 sonics, i thought that ristar was super sonic 4 a second, lolz. anyways, that ended up being one of my favourite genesis games. i could imagine a next gen version, just think of Bionic Commando!!!

  4. Lucky Europeans and Australians. Why can’t we get anything good anymore? (after the Sonic Chronicles Styluses, that was it (pretty much) as far as Sonic titles go)

  5. uhhh SonicHOG…”after sonic chronicles” you say… chronicles only came out a couple of months ago, only Unleashed has come out since then…

    america has been getting good stuff all the time, this is the first time australia gets something good exclusively…

  6. If I Moved to AUS. I Bet The Good Deals Would Come to the US.
    (lol) I Hate Sonic Team!!! *Cries! ……it……has…..>>RISTAR!!!!! ;(

  7. Sonic Unleashed:
    US = Werehog Figures Toyline
    AUS = Beach Balls >_> For Retail Tie-In
    EU = WereSonic hoodies/t-shirts

    Sonic Chronicles:
    US: Chronicles Styluses-That-Are-A-Bit-Silly-As-They’re-Too-Big-For-The-Stylus-Slot
    EU: Chronicles Stylus Pack, Small DS Tin, Chronicles T-Shirt
    AUS: EBGames Aluminium Case, Chronicles T-Shirts (I think)

    US: Nothing as far as I’m aware.
    EU: Some Vinyls…and something else not yet revealed…
    AUS: 2499 vinyls for retail tie-in

    Also you can thank me for getting Ristar on the vinyl since I picked 4 out of the 6 tracks.

  8. I really want to get this, but I am not going to unless they can lock Sonic and Knuckles on to Sonic 3.

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