Fanatics: Black Knight Action Figure

Fanatics: Black Knight Action Figure

Today’s featured work comes from SomaKun, who took a Sonic action figure that he found a few years back and sculpted a gauntlet and sword for it.  An incredibly impressive feat here, as I thought the gloves and sword were actual accessories to the figure.

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  1. The glove and the sword actually look better than the figure itself xD (mainly because of all the joints), but together it looks so awesome!

  2. I don’t usually say this but that is an epic win. Seriously toy designers should hire this guy.

  3. It’s a super poser Sonic. WOW. Try get a Shadow Super poser off eBay and make a Black Knight Shadow, perhaps?

  4. Wonder what he made them from… carved them from wood with a lil paint or some kinda plastic..?

  5. This is fantastic. I bet you wouldn’t see that sort of detail if it were a SEGA produced model. Even the new vinyl figures pale in comparison to this.

  6. the sonic figure himself looks abit poor quality
    I think I’ll stick ith my sonic x figures, i just wish i could still buy them as i have sonic and tails
    but I’d like too get Amy, knuckles and shadow

  7. I’m glad this is fake. Apparently they are releasing a real SBK figure and I would be sad if it were an old sculpt with a glove and sword.

  8. KjrinKA2: what are you on about? he never made the figure, just the Caliburn (sword) and Gauntlet! and its a fan work, not a product line so you can’t buy it either, not unless he moulded these and sold them?

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