Sonic Officially Unleashed!

Sonic Officially Unleashed!

After weeks of hype and hearsay, SEGA finally confirm the existance of Sonic Unleashed which will be released almost universally on all major platforms: XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 AND PS2.

The game is set to use a new “Hedgehog engine” which will combine (as many have already seen) both 2D “classic” gameplay with rich new 3D environments. The aim of this is to amalgamate the new look of Sonic the Hedgehog with some older elements back from older Sonic titles. SEGA say “The Hedgehog engine will help re-define the gameplay experience for Sonic fans and newcomers to the franchise alike.”

The premise of the story details Dr. Eggman breaking the world apart, and once again Sonic must retrieve the Chaos emeralds in order to piece it back together again. The Seven different continents of the shattered world look set to provide the different environments throughout the game.

The game will also offer differing gameplay in both day time and night time scenarios (as some of the leaked artwork has already hinted) and we can also expect “four new modes” to play in, as well as “new combat, movement and functional abilities.”

Overall there is a lot of potential in this game, in that SEGA are set to provide for both fans who desire elements of older gameplay again, as well as those looking for something new.
What we can say for sure is, it’s going to be pretty hard not to get excited, or at least be a little bit curious, about what looks to be an exciting new installment to the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


EDIT: Go and check out the Sonic Unleashed Page at SEGA too!

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