Sonic Show Season 2 Roaring Success

Sonic Show Season 2 Roaring Success

Plenty to celebrate for The Sonic Show and The Sonic Stadium this week, as Episode 1 of the new series has proven to be a bigger success, beating its own records for downloads and hitting iTunes charts around the world.

Episode 1 is the first time The Sonic Show has been proudly hosted by The Sonic Stadium, and featured a lot of changes in production, including a heavier emphasis on new material and less time-filling music videos. Slingerland’s Corner has remained a hit favourite with many viewers.

The 40-minute premiere has been downloaded over 3,000 times in the two weeks it has been released, compared to over 5,000 downloads for Episode 10 of Series 1 (since Autumn 2007). The Sonic Show jumped to the Top 30 in the UK and US iTunes charts the week following its release.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is the Japanese iTunes chart, for which The Sonic Show is contantly in the Top 10 and remains the most popular region for viewers. Quite why we have no idea, but series producer Jay seems to want to run with it:

“I can’t believe how well the show has been recieved in it’s new home. It is very clear that The Sonic Show can only get stronger and better with the help of TSS and the amazingly groovicle team behind it. Woo us!”

Well done indeed Jay and the Sonic Show staff! Episode 2 is due soon, stay tuned for its release on The Sonic Show website.

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