NiGHTS: JoD to use Weather Channel [UPDATED]

NiGHTS: JoD to use Weather Channel [UPDATED]

It’s been rumoured for quite some time now, but SEGA officially announced today that the Weather Channel function will effect the ‘My Dream’ Chao Garden like area of the new and upcoming NiGHTS Journey of Dreams game for Wii.

The channel seems to give impact on the weather conditions of the game mode, showing effects such as Snow, Clouds and Thunderstorms. This is the first Wii title to make use of the Weather Channel in the actual game itself, and just like the origional titles changing music for Saturn (along with Christmas NiGHTS date and clock function) offers something new and uses the latest gaming technology to full advantage.

Looking to be an area to play with and raise your Nightopian, the My Dream section of the game will allow you to play as either Will or Helen and compete in a series of Mini Games to help extend the life of the title.

So far the areas look extremely bare, with very sub-par graphics which is a huge dissapointment. Hopefully there is time to improve on this however, as there’s still a short amount of time before the games December 18th release in America.

Click Here for some more brand new screenshots.

It’s all looking very cool and i’m glad they’ve kept in the Wii Weather functionalities. Keep checking back at TSS for the latest information!


The popular ‘1UP’ Video games reviewing and previewing site has just released some new information on the new NiGHTS game. Apparently there will be two types of Multiplayer modes, both Race and Battle. These have indeed been mentioned in the past, though apparently now the Race mode will be fully playable against competitors online!

One player will take the role of NiGHTS as the other will play as the menacing Nightmarien Reala (just like the Multiplayer mode in the origional.) Race will see the players dukeing it out head-to-head in a speed race to the finish line. The Yellow and Green rings will build up each characters ‘Drill Dash’ while the spiked rings will do the opposite and drain the dash amount down.

The battle multiplayer mode will be offline only, taking more of a mini-game type fashion than normal NiGHTS gameplay. NiGHTS and Reala once again will go against each other possesing a dangerous object called the ‘Mareballoon.’ This object has a timer which constantly ticks down as the player has it in posession and can be passed from one character to another. The character not holding the Mareballoon as the timer runs out will score a point, with the first to three points winning the round.

The ‘My Dream’ garden as mentioned earlier will also be online, allowing players to pop in and out of their friends gardens and chat to their pals using an ‘Icon Chat’ function.

All sounding very sweet, keep an eye on Sonic News for more NiGHTS and SEGA updates! Let us know what you think of the new modes at the official ‘NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams’ SSMB forum topic located here!

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