New Riders 2 Screens Reveal Loads

New Riders 2 Screens Reveal Loads

That looks like an awkward position to drive in…

New screenshots of the upcoming Sonic Riders sequel to PS2 and Wii uploaded at SEGAs FTP show off some new content. Shadow and Rouge and confirmed to be back, now with the unsurprising inclusion of Blaze the Cat.

Other than the new Blaze sightings, water bike gear, flying gear and Chopper bike gear have been shown, expanding on the originals mere three type of vehicles (Board, Bike and Skate.) There’s also screens of some new courses such as the water based stage and temple like area.

Currently in last place, Shadow resorted to corney 70’s Disco Dancing in attempt to distract the competition…

You can check out the new screenshots at SEGA’s FTP site here.

It’s still looking to be a decent sequel to the first game, with tonnes more content and stages to race on. I just hope the Wii version has slightly more improved graphics…

Also, a huge heads up to UltimaHedgie for finding the screens and posting them on the boards. Thanks dude!

[EDIT – Links seem to have broken over night, I’ll have a go at trying to get them fixed again.]

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