NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams delayed?

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams delayed?

Rumour: Following on from its great exclusive coverage of Liepzig, fan site is reporting that the long-awaited sequel is to be delayed until Spring 2008. The game was on show at last week’s Game Convention in Germany at only 55% completion.

Niraven from outlet GameLegend posts via the NiGHTS fansite that: “We contacted SEGA this morning and spoke with SEGA’s Product and PR Manager and he told us that it’s been officially pushed to Q1 2008. That’s literally “this morning’s news”, and it’s coming from the most credible source it can come from.

SEGA are throwing ‘No Comments’ out all over the place, but a delay wouldn’t sound so ridiculous, considering NiGHTS Into Dreams is considered for many fans as Sonic Team’s last stand — any botching of this title will result in some very disillusioned followers.

TSS thinks that this is really only good news – if nothing else it shows that Sonic Team are taking their good sweet time with this one… hopefully. With NiGHTS we wouldn’t want it any other way, if we get absolute perfection at the end of it.

More on NiGHTS as we snuff out. Stay tuned.

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