Sonic Rivals 2 officially confirmed

Sonic Rivals 2 officially confirmed

According to a french gaming website, as well as Sega-Europe, we’ve received official Sega confirmation of Sonic Rivals 2, slated for release on the PSP in autumn of this year.

According to the press release, Tails and two new characters are confirmed to be in the game, though details have not been revealed on the latter two characters at this time. More tidbits include a “jostling” new control scheme, allegedly meant to bring better customization and style to the existing control scheme, allowing for “tighter” competition. Sounds peachy.


Other tidbits from the press release:

• Battle Mode: Players select from six ways to thrash their rival buddies: Knockout, Ring Battle, Race, King of the Hill, Capture the Chao, and Tag.

• Single-Disc Game Sharing: Two players can easily access the multiplayer challenge with just a single disc using the Wi-Fi function.

• Intriguing New Storyline: The Chao seem to be disappearing and all eight rivals must work fast to find out who is behind it.

• New PlayableCharacters: Join Tails and two new characters for even more fast-paced action with your rivals.

• Free Play Mode: Free from rivalry, experience the challengin gold-school Sonic-style map at your own pace.

• Expanded Card Collection: Collect 150 new cards for loads of new options to customise your playable characters.

Looks like this game is good to go! Stay tuned to Sonic News for further developments. And keep an eye out for those missing Chao. Poor chao! =(

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