Sonic 06 Unearthed

Sonic 06 Unearthed

We don’t normally cover stuff like this (hacking discoveries and whatnot), but we felt this was interesting enough to warrant a news story.

If you’ve ever been to Sonic CulT, S2Beta, or the like, you’d know that they tend to specialize in ROM hacking, and reverse engineering of Sonic games. Local guru, Link, decided to take that a step further, and delve into Sonic the Hedgehog, for Xbox 360.

What he found was certainly interesting.

In addition to many nifty tweaks, such as tweaking Tails’ gameplay to not suck, he made a single key discovery; one the likes of which hadn’t been seen in a Sonic game for years beforehand.

Super Sonic. In normal levels.

Admittedly, while not complete, this shows that Sonic Team, indeed, has been considering reviving the ability to use Super Sonic in normal levels. In this case, via the lost Rainbow Gem item in the game.

In addition, two other interesting tidbits were nicked from the Xbox Live Demo of Sonic 2006. Namely, early versions of Sonic’s theme (His World) and Silver’s theme (Dreams of an Absolution). Both are alike in one respect – they have no vocal tracks, and seem to be early in production (though similar to the final tracks).

Big props to Link, and all the other guys at Sonic CulT! Here’s to more awesome discoveries in the future!

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