Remix of ‘Open Your Heart’ Imminent

Remix of ‘Open Your Heart’ Imminent

Remix Factory, the producers of the E.G.G.M.A.N. and Boss remixes in Shadow the Hedgehog, are to release an exclusive remix of Crush 40’s ‘Open Your Heart’ for Sonic’s 15th Anniversary.

Jun Senoue and LB have been working together for the last month or two on some collaborations, and ‘K-Klub vs Crush 40’ appears to be only one of these projects surfacing. The remix will be promoted during the Summer, as Sonic turns 15.

The decision to use the legendary ‘Open Your Heart’ perhaps has more to do with the fact that this track is the defining theme of not only Sonic Adventure, but the turning point in Sonic the Hedgehog and a firm announcement of the blue blur’s console return in 1999. If anything, it has become part of the soundtrack to a generation of Sonic fans, old and new.

The remix itself can be sampled via REMIX FACTORY’s community forums here: Note that you must be a member of the RF Forums in order to access the forum page containing the sample.

From what TSS has heard in previewing the track, it’s a challenge to dare take on Crush 40’s finest track, but it seems to be going well. For a description, think of a brilliant euphoric Summer trance track and fuse it with the Sonic Adventure theme we all know and love. It seems a product fitting for the Ibiza-loving (or is it Aiya Napa these days? Bo’ wikkity shiggity) summer season.

What’s more, SEGA have full plans to release this track. Jun Senoue has been an advocator of introducing Sonic the Hedgehog OST’s to the US, so K-Klub vs Crush 40 is likely to make a release Stateside. With REMIX FACTORY based in the UK, SEGA Europe’s apparent interest and Europe’s love for trance music during the summer, this could be one of the rare instances where the UK and Europe get treated to an official Sonic music release of our own.

Exciting times indeed. TSS conducted an interview with LB of Remix Factory during the release of Shadow the Hedgehog, and can be found under the ‘More Information’ header. SONIC NEWS will continue to chat with LB and SEGA Europe to get more details on official plans for Sonic’s 15th Anniversary.

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