Shadow the Hedgehog Interview

Shadow the Hedgehog Interview

With the pending release of Shadow the Hedgehog, IGN has had a catch-up with project leader Takashi Iizuka about game specifics.

As many people are already aware, the player has the ability to change the course of the game ending and scenario throughout the game, even within the stages themselves. This has been expanded a little upon in this interview:

“Each story’s progression is dependant on the choices that each player makes during the course of the game. Unlike previous games we’ve created, stage order, mid-boss levels, and of course endings, will all be affected by the decisions the gamer makes… Shadow’s appearance does not physically change as he progresses through the game. What is affected is the level of “special powers” that increases, as he develops as either an evil villain or a true hero… We also have mission NPC’s at the beginning of each stage. Shadow will meet both an evil and a good NPC that will provide his mission at the beginning of each stage. If the player decides not to choose either mission, they will continue the game through the “normal” path.”

It appears, despite levels being “linear” in structure, there will be different points that will determine Shadow’s story progression and ability growth, while appearances from other Sonic characters may be the NPCs [read: ‘Non-Playable Characters’] that offer Shadow missions.

On the subject of the possibility of playing as multiple characters, it seems Takashi Iizuka has the right idea about Shadow the Hedgehog’s focus:

“If we decided to allow a gamer to play multiple characters, we feel it would take away from the ultimate goal. However, depending on which mission you choose, the player will always be accompanied by one of the many cast members of the Sonic series.”

Seems strange that this statement, while so true for the canon Sonic series itself, has never been applied to a blue blur game since the ending of the Sonic Adventures. We can only hope SONICTEAM Japan is thinking the same as Iizuka and doing the same with the new Sonic project announced recently.

Read the full interview at IGN HERE. There are also many new images of the game in action, including Shadow weilding guns five times the size of his head.

More news on the game as it breaks.

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