Phantasy Star Universe website updated

Phantasy Star Universe website updated

SONICTEAM have just updated their official website for Phantasy Star Universe, the next-generation in exquisite Rappy Bashing.

The website, as all official SEGA sites with any healthy yield of information pre-release, is in Japanese. Since we don’t have the mental strength to read Japanese yet, there’s not a lot that can be obtained from the story other than guesswork (or the hiring of a translator). The story focus does appear to revolve around items called ‘SEED’ however – which, when studying the “World of Phantasy Star Universe” page, appears to be some sort of plant. Most likely with some kind of ‘Phantastical’ (sorry) properties. Or (even more likely) a sort of organisation in the game story.

New techniques can also be seen via screenshots – fire, ice, boulders and electricity spells all appear to be within the attainable grasp of main character, Ethan. A shortlist of characters is the main update to the website, all of which appear to be less of the “generic” type featured in Phantasy Star Online. Unfortunately, still no word as yet as to how players can expect to level up offline playing as Ethan while maintaining an online customiseable avatar for internet play.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, watch the movie on the website. Then download some of the available desktop wallpaper in anticipation.

Visit the website by clicking the link under “More Information”, to the side of the page, as always.

Phantasy Star Universe, despite having no word on its website as to which platform it will be released on, is said to be confirmed for the PlayStation 2 and PC. Thanks to SSMB member “Miso loves Eurobeat” for the tip-off.

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