Yuji Naka – Loves Everyone

Yuji Naka – Loves Everyone

If there’s anyone in the industry who has an eye for new gadgets and consoles like some sort of deranged magpie, it’s Yuji Naka, head of Sonic Team. The last few years has had his team shift Sonic and Puyo Pop onto almost every console imaginable, and certainly every new one. He’s also one to be quite close to Nintendo, being tea chums with Miyamoto-san.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Naka-san has gone on record to comment on the next generation line of consoles, not surprisingly. He admits he is very interested with the Nintendo Revolution, expressing excitement over the surprise the controller may bring, and even the downloads aspect:

I look forward to the ‘new kind of fun’ that’s always unique to Nintendo. I expect we’ll see a lot of surprises, such as the unannounced controller as well. I think it’s great that we’ll be able to play Famicom and other games via Internet download. I hope that some Sega games will be playable as well.

Interesting stuff, if Naka-san has enough pull on the SEGA establishment, his swing could see some classic Mega Drive, 32X and Mega CD games available via Nintendo Revolutions download service. This is of course not going to happen unless SEGA say so, but it does seem to be where Yuji Naka wants to go with his enthusiasm for Nintendo and all.

On the PlayStation 3 he commented: “I am very interested in the machine’s high-quality graphical capabilities. It is equipped with a graphics processor that’s twice as powerful any the high-end (sic) GPU for the PC, capable of delivering a realistic experience that hasn’t been possible before.

He has also stated the XBOX 360 as an attractive platform for user-friendly controls and interface: “I think Microsoft has used its experience and knowledge from Xbox Live to evolve its games network, making its services and controls even more user-friendly, which I believe is a very attractive point.“.

More “Naka News” as we get it.

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