Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer Re-Released

Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer Re-Released

Following news of GameTrailers leaking a new Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer on April 1, SEGA have now allowed the showcasing of the trailer on all media and fan websites.

SONIC NEWS reported the leak, which had GameTrailers adding a sequence of the new game involving Shadow facing the Egg Fleet and more moves available at the player’s disposal. The trailer was removed some hours later, yet many fansites had already obtained a copy of the trailer and offered it for download.

We contacted both SEGA and GameTrailers for comment, and it appears that the leaked trailer was not to be unveiled to the public until SEGA’s Pre-E3 Conference next month. SEGA consequently retracted their copies of the trailer, and requested all other websites to remove the movie from their sites.

Last Friday, IGN posted the trailer after GameTrailers and other fansites had removed their copies. Yesterday (Tuesday), SEGA have now allowed the posting of the new Shadow trailer on other websites, including fansites such as The Sonic Stadium. A spokesman for SEGA America explained the situation to SONIC NEWS:

The trailer was let out before we intended it to. We decided to release that trailer to the public just three days ago via IGN. We will be making it availble to the public this afternoon. Please feel free to re-post this trailer as of now, with the full permission of SEGA.

As an exclusive tidbit of information to our readers, the SEGA representative confirmed that a BRAND NEW Shadow the Hedgehog trailer will be shown at E3, to replace the leaked April 1st movie.

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