Several New Sonic Games This Year

Several New Sonic Games This Year

In an announcement made earlier this week by their press FTP, SEGA America confirm Shadow the Hedgehog is only one of ‘several’ new Sonic games coming from the franchise in 2005.

Taken from the PDF released by Sega,

“In addition to presenting a retrospective Sonic video, SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery and Takashi Iizuka, game director, SEGA Studio USA surprised attendees of the ‘Walk of Game’ induction ceremony with a sneak-peek of a mysterious trailer labeled Shadow the Hedgehog; one of several new projects coming from the Sonic franchise in 2005. SEGA did not release any details about this new game, but assured fans that there will be more information about several new Sonic titles forthcoming.

Whilst this doesn’t herald any new information, it does mean releases sometime later this year can realistically be expected. It also indicated Sega is planning on releasing more information shortly on ‘several’ of the new games.

The several currently known upcoming Sonic titles include Shadow the Hedgehog and original GameCube and Nintendo DS games. The GameCube and DS titles are yet to be revealed, the only information known about them currently is that Yuji Naka disclosed in interviews they are indeed working on them, with the GameCube title to be playable at E3 and released before the end of the year.

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