New Look FastFeet Media and FFM Forums… coming soon

New Look FastFeet Media and FFM Forums… coming soon

Evenin’ all. Just popped in to say for those of you who aren’t using FastFeet Media and also for those of you that do but use SSMB too – a little announcement. FastFeet Media is having a new look placed up at the end of October with loadsa new bits including:

  • New look website
  • Brand new Invision forums…
  • ….with Bit Torrent downloads!
  • But FTP will still be with us
  • and last but not least the new channel SS:TV!!

What I’m most exited about is the new forum and the ability to use Bit Torrent via the forums it will give us – easy and fast downloads of anything sonic based. As we have all the mp3’s and movies now.

SS:TV is also an exciting development – the very first sonic the hedgehog fan based TV show – first episode released on the re-opening of FastFeet Media.

Altogether loads of new stuff to get ur mitts on and when I properly get my internet connection back they will all be back up – ETA: End of October. Peace Out.

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