And… that was SAGE 9. Apparently.

And… that was SAGE 9. Apparently.

Not that I’m one to complain about such things, but was it me or was SAGE 9 extremely short? Even shorter than it used to be back in the days of SAGE 4/5? I do believe this event ran for a grand marathon of about 3 or 4 days maximum. Although it was a success in such a short time, I’m sure many fangame developers would be rather choked that their creations were given a three day limit to be seen – especially considering that there are so many people out there who hasn’t even heard of a fangame. ShadowTeam was a sufferer in that we didn’t find time to add our stuff for that three day window, so we’ll be announcing our stuff over the coming weeks instead.

As for the coverage, I’m going to begin after I’ve had my lunch. But considering the number of booths that appeared this time, and the lack of time to see it in, it’s a shame I’m using the “aftermath” time to actually cover these fangames. A suggestion for SAGE 10 – especially since the SAGE event is to be a once-yearly event after SAGE 9: make it about 2 or even three weeks. Especially seeings as it’ll only be happening once a year now, a lot of people will be looking forward to it. And it also gives people like myself time to cover, report and actually play these games at leisure.

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