The SSR Sonic Top 8 Awards 2004

The SSR Sonic Top 8 Awards 2004

In conjuction with the SSA 2004 and Sonic Stadium’s 4th Birthday SSR is going to be hosting the Top 8 Sonic Tracks. Just like the Site Awards the Top 8 tracks of this year will be voted upon by you and will involve a two stage voting process with categories.

Stage One will give you the listeners to nomiante 6 tracks in each of the catergory’s. Stage Two will be voting on the compiled nomianted tracks.

The categories are:

Category One: Retro Sonic
This category will include all the Sonic games on the Master System, Game Gear and Mega Drive (including Mega CD & 32X).

Category Two: Modern Sonic
This category will include music from all the other Sonic games on the other consoles. I.e Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox & Gamecube

Category Three: Sonic Remixes
As the title suggests this category shall feature tracks that have been remixed by OC, sir|nuts etc.

Category Four: TV Themes and Songs
This category will feature tracks from ANY of the Sonic TV Shows. Sonic X, Sonic Underground, Sonic SatAM, Aotsh, OVA.

Go to FastFeet Media Now to start nominating!!!

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