Sonic Site Awards: Phase II Ending, Phase 3 Ceremony Details

The Sonic Site Awards 2002 is coming to a close, and with just a month to go until the end, it’s time I revealed when, where, and what will be happening at that time. 

The Sonic Site Awards, more commonly known as the SSA, has proven to become the most popular Awards Ceremony in the Online Sonic Community – the yearly event’s debut in 2001 showed great success and promise for the future.

For those that don’t know, the SSA comes in three phases – the first is where the public submit sites that they feel deserve each award, the second is the polling that lasts for two months, and the third phase is the actual Awards itself – in which the winners are announced during a special Ceremony.

Winners of last year’s event include TSSZ, Sonic HQ, The Moogle Cavern, SFGHQ and Sonic News.

This year we are hoping to take a different turn with the Phase 3 Ceremony – in 2001 we had planned to make a Live Broadcast. When that didn’t work we resorted to a Chat Room – despite the disappointment of the no-live show, the Ceremonny was still enjoyable for everyone and had a good atmosphere to it.

As people who turned up to the 2001 Ceremony may know, Phase 3 takes place at the end of the year (or near enough) so that there are three things to celebrate – the Winners of the SSA, Christmas/Hannukah, and the New Year. The Celebration date for The Sonic Site
Awards 2002 is:

Saturday the 29th of December 2002

We will be setting up an AIM Chat Room so that visitors can converse with each other, we’ll open the Sonic Stadium Message Board for Guest Posting for the weekend, and we’re going to try again with the Broadcast. I [Dreadknux] will be hosting the Sonic Site Awards 2002 Ceremony Programme, to be aired on ‘ZRN Talk Radio on that very day.

Winners will be announced, Sonic News will be discussed, and great music will be played. On top of this, there will be several little bits to download, including ‘Sonic Site Awards’ branded Wallpaper and images.

The Event Officially starts at 3:00pm [GMT] – bear in mind that people living in [EST] are five hours behind [GMT] (therefore people living around New York etc will see the event begin at 10:00am), so that gives you an idea of when to tune into the festivities.

The Ceremony Broadcast will play once, and then a link to the Programme will be available to listen to afterwards for anyone who missed the show or wanted to hear it again. This will be a perfect opportunity also to try and catch me [Dreadknux] online – people who have apparently been trying to catch me on AIM and MSN since “the dawn of time” will be able to talk to me for about three hours.

One last thing – ALL NOMINEES HAVE BEEN CONTACTED AT LEAST ONCE BY DREADKNUX TO INFORM THEM ABOUT THE SSA. It would be appreciated if those nominees involved could write a short speech (can be as long or as short as you like), to this email address.

That’s it – November time is just the calm before the storm. Last year was a great event – let’s see if this year we can break some more records, and have a fantastic time all at once.

Just enough time to shout out that The Sonic Stadium will be BACK with a great new look during the week between 16th – 23rd NOVEMBER – at this new URL:

Peace out, and I’ll see you at the Ceremony! Have fun until then!

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