TSS UPDATE: Time For A Forum Name Change!

Part of the new look Sonic Stadium has already been completed – I’ve finished the new Message Board for the website. If you remember, our Message Board was called The Sega Sonic Message Board – many people refer to it as the ‘SSMB’. Well, the name has slightly changed… to The Sonic Stadium Message Board. Yeah.

Cool name, huh? That way it’s easily known as a part of the site, and can still be referred to as the ‘SSMB’. Make sure you register there and become a member of the community – as well as being part of the coolest Message Board community around, you’ll also get the latest information on The Sonic Stadium well before anyone else! Choice!

The new URL is http://sonic.pathea.com/board/yabb.cgi

Thanks to Zifei for the webspace, for both the SSMB and the up and coming new look Sonic Stadium. Get it in. Oh, and thanks for your support so far on the Sonic Site Awards 2002… I’ve had well over 300 votes already! You’ve only got till the end of the month, however – that’s still time to vote if you haven’t done so already! Get to it!

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