Yeah, you heard. 😛 The time has duly come, fellow SSMBers. I happily took the privilege of skipping a 2 hour General Studies lesson to finally get this sorted out. And, now we all must move on. Therefore I am giving you the URL to head straight to the *NEW* Sonic Stadium Message Board YaBB.

I haven’t ‘touched it up’ yet – some graphics are not yet Sonic-y etc. But to be honest I don’t have time to fanny about with graphics and other small things at the moment. What matters is that the board works! And it does! Choice!

The reason you may think I’m lazing off is not for that, it’s because I have a bigger errand to sort out – The Sonic Stadium. It absolutely must must MUST be re-launched by 24th October (the ‘Stadium’s 2nd birthday) – I’ll never forgive myself otherwise. So, sorry but until that’s all outta the way, the SSMB won’t have the extras lavished upon it – I hope you all understand my time constraints here.

Still, it’s not all bad, because all I’m talking about here is a few image replacements here and there – the rest of the board works fine.

NOW THEN. Before you even set foot in that new place, I want you to do something for me. I want you to leave (whether you’ve been an annoying brat in the past or not, or whether you have them or not) behind ALL your:

  • concerns towards others,
  • all your flamewars,
  • all your conflicts with anyone else on this Message Board,
  • all your big-headedness,
  • all your Civil Wars,
  • all your prejudice-based opinions
  • all your bad times here
  • all your vendettas

I want you to LEAVE THEM ALL BEHIND. I want you to keep them on the old ezBoard. You can’t deny it has been slightly horrible over the past few months with all that backbiting and closing topics and flamewars that came about because of simple misinterpretations. I want it all to end right here, right now. I’m not having the new SSMB tainted with any of this any more, and if I see any relapses of any bad happenings from this ezBoard carried over to the YaBB, I will be more tight than ever.

Having said that, I don’t want to put you off the place! The YaBB will be our new conversing place, period. No turning back, no regrets. The only thing is, is that topics/posts that are older than 50 days must be deleted (part of the new host’s rules, not mine) – but still, if you wanna keep an extremely old topic, why not save it in a Word Document? 🙂 That way no problems will arise.

When you get to the YaBB, I have set it up so you must register with the SSMB to post. There is an option to post as a Guest, but that would be stupid now wouldn’t it? Remember all the lurkers, all the “I Hate Sonic” idiots, Guest Usernames and all the spammers? Exactly. Besides, one extra Username isn’t going to make much of a difference – for example, Sonic Guy has god knows how many ezBoard Usernames, so how will one extra make a difference? It’s like having an AIM account and an MSN Messenger account.

Once you’ve done that, you can post right away. You can set an avatar, and – JOY – you can assign your OWN Custom Title. Thank god, no more pressure on my busy little brain. 😀

Now, finally, for the old ezBoard. I won’t shut it down right away. Simply because if I only kept it open for one day, and everyone didn’t go to the board the same day, then they’ll never know what’s happened. Posting will be allowed for…. let’s say, a week.

So, NEXT TUESDAY this ezBoard will not be open for you to post into. It will be left alone, as an archive Forum of past times, and should anything happen to the YaBB (i.e. bandwidth problems, although that’s unlikely to happen) the ezBoard can be a temporary safe haven for you guys while I try and get the thing sorted. ^_^

Right, now we’re sorted on that, the best thing to do is to get comfortable on the new YaBB. Register your Username before someone else nicks it.

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