New SatAM-Based Fan Cartoon, ‘Fight 4 Freedom’, Announced

Information has been passed to The Sonic Stadium of an upcoming future Sonic animation appearing on your screens. Except, this animation will be showing on your PC Screens, not your Television. Enter the latest (if there was any previous) Sonic Fan Animation to hit the Internet, Fight 4 Freedom.

Those that loved SatAM but hated Underground will take to this new show very warmly. The creator, Travis Martin, explains…

“It’s based off the SatAM series (with Sally, Bunny, etc…), but also has some new characters. It is expected to officially launch by August 2002.”┬áSo, in a mere few weeks, you’ll be seeing the first episodes of Fight 4 Freedom. If you’re interested, head over to the F4Freedom website at:

There is information (on a link to the old website), and two available trailers of the cartoon series to have a peek at. It’s looking very tasty, so roll on August 2002!

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