SSMB UPDATE: Alrighty then! New MODS, and dates for the FINAL BATTLE!

Right, now that a lot of recent drama has been dealt with, we return back to normality, and what matters most – KICKING EACH OTHERS’ BUTTS! Oh, and new Moderators too, you’ve been waiting for that.

Now first the New Mods. They have been effective as of this morning, so the new mods may already know who they are. PLEASE REMEMBER! If you did not get picked this time, do not feel downhearted – the new mods have been chosen due to their experience on this board. The new mods system is also based on a revolving system, so if you did not get picked this time (and you applied to become one), then you will have a greater chance of becoming a mod next time! Ain’t I just the kindest? … Guys?

The new mods are as follows:

  • Dark Metal Sonic
  • Rainbow Hedgehog
  • Ultimate VG
  • Egghog

Don’t worry, I have put mod powers on all your other username alter-egos too (i.e. DemonEgghog as well as the Egghog, etc).

*EDIT* Actually, on second thoughts, I just gave mod powers to your normal usernames, it makes more sense and looks neater. BTW Rainbow, you have about 3 different usernames, and I mod powered one of them. If I have the wrong one (i.e. the one you hardly use to post), then reply here so I can change it…. *END EDIT*

So no worries of just staying as one person to mod stuff here. But, as mods you have the responsibility to:

  • protect other members of this message board
  • Moderate (read: delete, edit etc) any offensive material, while at the same time informing me of events in particular (you can contact me while I’m not here via my email address!)
  • Not be judgemental to anyone else’s thoughts or opinions, even if it becomes offensive – to be a mod, you gotta keep a cool head and a clear mind.
  • Move any inappropriate material to the corresponding forum – for example, if you see a topic of fluff within the ‘Fan Stuff’ forum, it’s your job to move it into where it belongs – the ‘Fluff and Party Topics Forum’.
  • and so on and so forth.

You lot won’t be alone, because I’ll be doing most of the work and decisions while I’m here, and anything major MUST be reported to me via email if I’m not present. All those responsibilities may seem pretty obvious to you, but it’s a customary thing to do you know.

Congratulate the new Moderators, as it’s now their job to help patrol the dark streets of the SSMB. Erm, yes. Well done you four! Good show and all that.

Other news, a date has been finalised for the FINAL Battle! Everyone take note, and a pen and paper, whatever, write it on your forehead, anything. Because this is when ‘the grand event’ is starting.

Saturday 18th May
3:00pm GMT (that’s UK Time)

Sorry about the time, but I’m no good at converting times from UK to America and back. Since most of the US is about 5 hours behind the UK anyway, I’d say on average that the battle will commence at about 10:00 am that Saturday morning!

So, Next Saturday (18th May) – 3:00pm GMT, 10:00am Eastern approx.

Let’s get it on!

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