PSO Episode I & II Will Update and Remix Original Dreamcast Content

New details on Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II – and by extension, the upcoming trial version of the game that’s coming next month – have been coming thick and fast. Some of the more interesting tidbits that have appeared relate to how content from the original Dreamcast game will be handled.

PSO fansite Mamak International has collected some juicy info on the Gamecube port, in this handy thread. In it, it is said that weapons from the Dreamcast predecessor such as the Cross Scar and Battle Verge will get graphical overhauls, with colour tweaks being applied to items with more than one photonic attribute.

Original enemies will also get a makeover, but not just in the visual department. The statistics of each monster will also be modified, affecting things like their HP and the damage they inflict on the player. Probably to balance things out against the new Episode II content, but we imagine also to keep veteran players on their toes.

Regarding the trial version, this will allow for both online and offline play. The four-player split-screen multiplayer mode will be offline only – it’s suggested that this will be the case in the full game too. The trial will include stages from the Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online version 2 as well as a little bit of the brand new Episode II, which will be playable online.

This is sounding like a mighty meaty update – we can’t wait for the game’s release!

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