Details and Screenshots Emerge on Sonic Advance’s Petit Chao Garden

We recently learned that Sonic Adventure 2 Battle will connect with Sonic Advance for portable Chao raising. But today we have more details on what exactly that entails, as well as screenshots of the special Chao Garden mode in action.

According to a report on IGN, once you’re done looking after your A-Life blob in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (which will assumedly work in a similar fashion to Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast) you can carry your Chao over to a pod that will allow you to transfer the virtual pet to a copy of Sonic Advance. A Game Boy Advance with a copy of Sonic Advance must be plugged into the Gamecube using a communication cable.

After you’ve moved it onto your handheld, you can raise your Chao on the move in what’s being called the Petit Chao Garden. Much more advanced than Chao Adventure 2 on Sega’s Visual Memory Unit, on GBA you can purchase seeds and fruit using rings collected in the main Sonic Advance adventure. You can also grab goodies for your Chao by playing two little mini-games in the Petit Chao Garden, called ‘Okashi Mekucchao’ and ‘Janken Shoot’.

Both Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance are planned to be released in Japan on December 20. Check out the screenshots of the Petit Chao Garden – as well as some new screens from SA2 Battle’s Chao Gardens – below.


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