The Sonic Hour Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With a Christmas Special

2009 SSR Banner

Hey, did you know that in 2003 SEGASonic Radio pioneered the very concept of live internet radio broadcasts among the Sonic and video gaming community? One of the first ever shows to use the term ‘LiVECAST’ was called The Sonic Hour, a (sometimes) weekly, (sometimes) hourly programme that featured myself and Roareye as we discussed the Sonic news of the week.

The Sonic Hour went on to become a massively successful show, becoming the flagship SSR broadcast in the station’s live programming and running for something like six ‘seasons’. Which is all the more crazy when you consider that half the time we just spouted any old nonsense that came out of our mouths. Most of it not even Sonic-related.

The show abruptly ended in 2011, but over the past Christmas holiday Roareye and I felt that, with December 2013 being the tenth anniversary of the show’s existence, we should give it one (last?) hurrah. And so here it is – The Sonic Hour 2013 Christmas Special, which in true Sonic Hour fashion, is late by arriving on January 2, 2014. As long-time listeners of the show will know already, it’s kinda NSFW.

(MP3, 228MB)

We hope you enjoy this special episode of the show – we’d update the iTunes podcast feed, but that has long since been destroyed. You can listen to all of the past Sonic Hour episodes by going directly to SEGASonic Radio’s LiVECAST depository, by clicking here.

Also, because Roareye is a weird tech-head, he has rather proudly mastered the episode in 5.1 Surround Sound, including the music tracks played on the episode. The WAV files that best represent this mastering total some 5GBs though, so we’re currently thinking of the best way to offer that to you. Check back soon for an update on this post with links to the beefy 5.1 version, if that sort of thing turns you on.

Listen to SEGASonic Radio – and the current lineup of LiVECAST shows – by going straight to the SSR website. Long live TSH!

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