FastFeet Media Returns, TSS Online Shop

Yesterday the media arm of The Sonic Stadium, that’s responsible for offering most of the high-quality content we can’t provide on-site (for space fears and purposes), Fastfeet Media, returned. It’s had a whole bunch of cool stuff added to it, and old faves like Sega Sonic: TV, a direct feed to SEGASonic Radio on the site, plus (and I know you’ll like this) an FTP Service that only requires your use of your internet browser!

Yep, due to amount of mail myself and the FFM team got from people not being able to figure out connection using an FTP Client, we have reworked the Service so if you have IE, Firefox (with a small extension) or whatever, you can connect through that and obtain our high quality movies, soundtracks and stuff. How cool is that? 🙂 Head over the Fastfeet Media website.

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