Super Silver, Knuckles the Dread and Thorn Rose Coming to Sonic Forces Mobile

SEGA HARDlight has announced the next wave of new characters for Sonic Forces Mobile, and for Silver and Sonic Prime fans there is a lot to be happy about. Super Silver will be joining the race for the first time, as well as Shatterverse protagonists Knuckles the Dread and Thorn Rose. And for Super Silver, we’re treated to an incredible CG render that harks back to some classic Sonic Channel Yuji Uekawa artwork. Check out the images below.

The images come from Sonic Forces Mobile superfan SonicWindBlue, with the details and dates pulled from SEGA HARDlight’s Discord server – Knuckles the Dread will be the first character available to unlock during this season, with his event running from 15 June – 22nd June. Then, Super Silver will be bogarting Sonic’s birthday by having his event run from 22nd June – 29th June. And then, Thorn Rose will be unlockable from 13th July – 20th July.

We will add all of these events to the Sonic Stadium Events Calendar soon, so you can keep track.

In addition to all this multiverse multi-character madness, the Sonic Forces Mobile app in general was updated to version 4.18 today, here’s a list of changes made to the game with this new patch (via HARDlight’s Discord channel):

Fixed an issue where Babylon Rogue characters could get stuck in their jumping animation after slamming onto grind rails

Fixed an issue where the text for ‘Special’ rarity would go onto two lines when language set to Russian

Fixed an issue where the text for ‘Challenger’ rarity would go onto two lines when language set to German or Russian

Fixed an issue with the visual effect of second dash pad (on triple dashpad boost)

Removed the incorrect free chest reward info displayed in tiers section

Fixed an issue with the party match ticket icon that sometimes appears in Lightning Deals

Fixed an issue where suspending the app when activating Super Form could prevent ring drain

The new update now comes with an awesome-looking new splash screen featuring Super Silver (via SWB):

via Twitter

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