Preview Released for Sonic the Hedgehog #38

The full preview has been released for Sonic the Hedgehog #38, and it’s getting a bit topsy-turvy in here. Sonic, Tails and Amy have managed to find an Eggman Base inside the mysterious tower, but this is no cake walk! Logic goes out the window as the heroes encounter illusions and obstacles with every new room explored. Can they traverse the place in one piece? Meanwhile, Tangle and Belle have also found their way to the base, but they get the behind-the-curtain view as they run into trouble from the robots controlling things and more tower trickery! This is “Test Run”; part 2.

(W) Evan Stanley (A) Adam Bryce Thomas (CA) Matt Herms
Houston, there appears to be two hedgehogs and a fox floating through spaceā€¦
Sonic, Amy, and Tails are stuck in a mysterious new Eggman base. Each room holds a challenging surprise and the hallways don’t make any sense! Can they find out how to escape unharmed? Meanwhile, Tangle and Belle sneak in to find the bots running the show and stumble into some trouble!
In Shops: Mar 24, 2021
SRP: $3.99

Sonic the Hedgehog is out at all good comic retailers tomorrow, March 24th. Tricks and traps await you when you tag along for this one!

Source: Previews World

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