Sonic PC Sales Happening on Steam & Newegg

Sonic Colors Ultimate has hit Steam, and it seems SEGA is celebrating the occasion with sales of Sonic games on both the Steam Store & New Egg. The sales on both stores are a bit different, with different prices and titles available, so we’ve compiled both here.

On Steam, all Sonic games are on sale for as much as 75% off, including:

Sonic Frontiers: $41.99 

Sonic Frontiers – Digital Deluxe: $48.99

Sonic Colors Ultimate: $27.99

Sonic Colors Ultimate – Digital Deluxe: $31.49

Sonic Origins: $19.99

Sonic Origins – Digital Deluxe: $22.49

Sonic Mania: $9.99

Sonic Mania Encore DLC: $2.49

Sonic Adventure 2: $2.49

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle DLC: $0.74

Sonic Adventure DX: $1.99

Sonic Generations: $4.99

Sonic Forces: $9.99

Sonic Lost World: $7.49

Team Sonic Racing: $9.99

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed$4.99

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing$2.49

Sonic 3D Blast: $1.24

Sonic 4 Episode I$2.49

Sonic 4 Episode II: $2.49

Meanwhile, New Egg is having a more discounted sale for Sonic games with Steam codes. The selection isn’t quite as big, but the discounts are steeper. You can find the sale here. Check below for the prices:

Sonic Frontiers: $39.99

Sonic Frontiers – Digital Deluxe: $43.99

Sonic Origins: $15.99

Sonic Origins – Digital Deluxe: $19.99

Sonic Mania: $7.99

Sonic Mania Encore DLC: $1.99

Sonic Adventure 2: $1.99

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle DLC: $0.59

Sonic Adventure DX: $1.59

Sonic Generations: $3.99

Sonic Forces: $7.99

Sonic Lost World: $5.99

Team Sonic Racing: $7.99

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed$3.99

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing$1.99

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