Fang the Sniper Returns in Sonic Superstars, Naoto Ohshima Designing New Character

Well strike us down if the hits just don’t keep on coming with Sonic Superstars! Your eyes don’t deceive you – after a many-year hiatus, everyone’s favourite Wolf/Gerboa is back as an antagonist in the upcoming 2D Classic Sonic game. And this time, it sounds like he has a friend; designed by none other than the original designer of Sonic himself!

Fang the Sniper (or Nack the Weasel, as the character was known in the West during the 1990s) was a sneaky gun-toting foe of Sonic’s that originally appeared in the Game Gear classic, Sonic Triple Trouble. Besides a brief stint in spinoff game Sonic the Fighters, however, the character has not been seen or recognised in the franchise since. So for big Fang fans (like me!), his return as an enemy in Sonic Superstars is super exciting!

You can see him clearly at the end of the Sonic Superstars trailer as he hovers around in his trademark ship, the Marvellous Queen…

But if you’re quick you can also spot him sneaking about at the very start of the trailer too!

What’s more, is that a press release for the game has revealed that original Sonic designer Naoto Ohshima is on board with SEGA and Sonic Team to create a brand new character that Sonic and his friends will have to face. We are taking this to mean that whoever this mysterious new foe is will be teaming up with Fang in some way as well (after all, the Weasel does like to have a contingency plan in place!).

We’ll share more details about Sonic Superstars as we get it!

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