SEGA Responds to Former Comic Artist Over Sonic Superstars Character Confusion

A former Sonic comic artist is seeking clarification from SEGA about the origins of the 3D character models used in Sonic Superstars and Sonic Origins Plus. Today, a SEGA rep offered some insight, promising to send a full response next week.

Rafa Knight, who had worked on a number of issues of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics (and also contributed to the debut issue of IDW’s current series), has been comparing her past CG artwork with the 3D models of Amy Rose in Sonic Origins Plus, as well as all the main character models in Sonic Superstars.

“I will need to make a comparison by overlapping the models with the Sonic Superstars video,” Knight wrote. “But I think that they used these old models for it.”

After taking the claims public due to being “ghosted” by SEGA reps about Sonic Origins Plus, Sonic Community Manager Katie Chrzanowski replied stating that, “these models were custom-made by the team for this game.” A full response to Knight is to follow.

“I don’t mind them using the models by the way,” Knight clarified. “I actually am happy that they used them after just being used for toys for half a decade.

“But deep down I do get a bit bothered for always being looked as my work was not good enough to work for them.”

Hopefully Katie’s comments clears things up for all concerned.

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